Stop Treating Her Like A Second Choice Because She Is Going To Come To Her Senses Soon

A second choice
Unsplash / Brooke Winters

You pick and choose when to answer her texts. The longest conversations you have with her are when you’re drunk. When you’re sober, you open her snaps and ignore them for days at a time. Then you go and like her selfies, making her wonder what the hell is running through your mind.

She asks her friends for advice and they alternate between saying you definitely like her and you’re not worth the effort. Depending on the screenshots they receive, their opinions change, because you act different every five seconds. Consistency is not your strong suit.

Most days, you are not worth the time it would take for her to type out a text. You dodge her. You make her feel like she is invisible. You enforce her insecurities.

However, on the days when you actually pay attention to her, you are flirtatious. You tell her how much you miss her. You call her cute. You make hypothetical plans about all of the things you are going to do together.

You give her enough attention to hold her over until the next time you decide to acknowledge her existence again.

So far, she has been letting you get away with your vanishing act. She doesn’t call you out when you leave her hanging. She doesn’t instruct you to treat her better. She doesn’t risk upsetting you.

She just deals with the rejection, because she knows it’s only a matter of time until you reappear. The more you screw up, the more chances she gives you.

Over time, you have noticed how willingly she lets you stroll back into her world, which only makes it easier for you to take advantage of her soft heart. Ignoring her never has any consequences. You aren’t scared of her abandoning you, because she has never made a move to leave before. She has always remained, waiting for your return.

You feel like you have her wrapped around your finger, which is why you let her put in all of the effort. You like seeing how many times she is going to text you in a row, how hard she will fight for your attention.

Unfortunately for you, her leniency is not going to last forever. She is going to get sick of being your backup plan. She is going to find someone who answers her texts quickly and follows through on plans instead of making hypothetical ones, and when she does, she won’t waste another second on you.

When you take three days to text her back, she won’t give you a response. When you post a picture on Instagram, she will double tap, but she won’t bother to send a text. She won’t bother to watch your snap stories. The tables will turn. You’ll be the one stuck waiting, left wondering.

Unless you want to lose a girl like her, stop stringing her along, because soon she is going to snap that string. Soon she is going to cut you out of her world completely. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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