Stop Looking For Perfect Girls Because They Do Not Exist

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The Perfect Girl?

Fuckboys, you need to stop holding out for someone who fits your version of perfect, because you are never going to find her.

You are never going to find a girl who is excited to give you a blowjob before you ask for one, but never expects you to give oral in return. You are never going to find a girl who agrees to stay loyal to you and only you, but lets you sleep around without getting jealous. You are never going to find a girl who gives you everything you want on a silver platter without asking for anything, even your respect, in return. 

You might find a girl who pretends to be okay with all this because she likes you and will do anything to keep you around. But your relationship with her won’t be authentic. You will be killing her inside. You will slowly chip away at her self-worth. You will make her feel like she isn’t enough. 

You can’t expect a girl to dress sexy for you, have sex with you, and remain faithful to you without exerting any effort in return. You can’t think of such a one-sided relationship as perfect.

You can have a casual relationship. You can have a serious relationship. But you can’t have a mixture of both. You can’t continue playing the field while she sits at home, wondering when you are coming back. You can’t consider yourself single and consider her taken. You can’t act that hypocritical.

The perfect version of a girl in your head, the one who comes over to sleep with you and never sleeps with anybody else but never asks for a relationship label either, is far from perfect.

The kind of girl you should be searching for is the one who is willing to go out of her way to make you happy, but expects you to do the same in return. She is the one who would never dream of kissing anybody else, but expects you to feel the same way. 

You shouldn’t be searching for a girl who lets you trample all over her heart. A girl who is crazy about you, but you feel lukewarm about. A girl who you could easily hurt but she won’t hurt you. A girl who lets you have all the power. A girl who will treat you like her boyfriend, minus the nagging and early morning texts and asking you to meet her family. That’s not fair to her.

You should be searching for a girl with high standards. A girl who won’t let you walk all over her. A girl who does more than make you orgasm. A girl who makes you laugh. Who makes you feel at peace. Who makes you feel the most yourself. 

A perfect girl
Unsplash / Sharon Mccutcheon

Change your version of what a perfect girl looks like, because you are looking for the wrong thing. You are looking for someone who will make you happy temporarily instead of someone who will make you happy for a whole lifetime. TC mark

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