Stop Flirting With Me If You Don’t Want A Relationship With Me

Stop making me think there is a chance we are going to get together. I know you have already said I’m not ready for a relationship right now, but it’s hard to believe you’re serious when your actions and your words are completely mismatched.

You keep claiming that your last relationship screwed with your head. That you are in a bad place right now. That you have baggage you’re struggling to carry.

So fucking what?

Everyone has been hurt before. That doesn’t give you free reign to hurt someone else.

Just because you looked me in the eyes and said I am not ready for a relationship right now does not mean you are allowed to do whatever the hell you want to me without any consequences.

You don’t realize that, though. You think you can hold my hand. Call me beautiful. Claim you miss me. Introduce me to your friends. Hold me close. Kiss my lips.

You don’t feel guilty about making me think a relationship is in our future, because you technically told me how you felt from the beginning.

You can claim innocence all you want, but you’re not an idiot. You know exactly what you are doing. You are making me believe there’s a chance you will change your mind, because you don’t want to lose the possibility of me. You want me to stay as a plaything.

You see how easy it is for me to make excuses for you. You’re scared of opening up to another person. You don’t want to admit how much you like me. You aren’t ready for a relationship right now, but you will be soon. 

You know that, if there was no possibility of us getting together, then I would leave. So you are subtly making me believe there is a chance. You are playing games with me and acting like you haven’t done anything wrong.

If you are serious when you say you don’t want a relationship with me, then don’t flirt with me. Don’t treat me like your unofficial girlfriend. Don’t text me every morning and continue the conversation until midnight. Don’t make me feel like I am something special to you.

If you don’t want a relationship with me, then do me a favor and leave me alone, because you know how I feel about you. I haven’t hidden my emotions. You have known what I wanted from the start, so don’t you dare pretend that your actions have been harmless.

You know you have been leading me on. You know you have been fussing with my heart. You know that it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve told me you’re not ready for a relationship because you have been acting the opposite way. You have made me think a relationship is in our future.

I have only stuck around for this long because I really like you. Because I would rather believe your actions than your words.

But if you’re serious when you say you aren’t ready for a relationship, then you need to put an end to this. You need to let me move on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Holly Riordan

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.