Stay Single Until You Find A Love Like This, Based On Your Enneagram Type

Paolo Raeli

1 – The Reformer

Stay single until you find someone willing to compromise with you. You can be stubborn. You have a tendency to think you’re always right. You need someone who isn’t turned off by that. Someone who will look at the situation from your point of view instead of getting into a screaming match with you about who is correct. Basically, you shouldn’t be with another alpha, because you prefer to wear the pants in the relationship.

2 – The Helper

Stay single until you find someone who is willing to return all of your affection. You have a nasty habit of sacrificing everything for the people you love — and it shouldn’t be that way. You should both be giving and both be receiving. You need to hold out for someone who appreciates your hard work and meets you halfway, not someone who expects you to carry every burden while they sit around doing nothing.

3 – The Achiever

Stay single until you find someone who encourages you to reach your dreams. You can have a love life and a career — you just need someone who agrees. Someone who understands they aren’t your entire world. Someone who is okay with you working long hours. Someone who is happy for your successes.

4 – The Individualist

Stay single until you find someone who understands the way your mind works. Someone who doesn’t get upset when you distance yourself because they understand that you sometimes need the peace and quiet. Someone who is patient with you, even when you act self-absorbed which you are occasionally guilty of doing. Someone who knows that you love them, even though you might not say it all the time.

5 – The Investigator

Stay single until you find someone you can trust with all of your heart. You have commitment issues, to say the least, which is why you aren’t going to fully engage in a relationship unless you are sure you won’t get hurt. That’s why you need to wait for someone who will reassure you that you’re loved, someone who will calm your fears, someone who would never stray.

6 – The Loyalist

Stay single until you find someone who makes you feel comfortable. Someone who calms you down when your stress gets the best of you or your anxiety acts up again. Someone who always knows the right thing to say and never hesitates to wipe your tears away. Someone who listens closely to everything you say and actually cares about your emotions instead of making you feel bad for overreacting. 

7 – The Enthusiast

Stay single until you find someone adventurous. Someone who will take you on surprise trips over long weekends. Someone who will extract the boredom from your life. Someone who is spontaneous and can make decisions on a dime — but is also comfortable talking about the future and planning where you are going to be five years down the line.

8 – The Challenger

Stay single until you find someone who has a backbone. Someone who will stand up for themselves instead of letting you walk all over them. Someone who can take care of themselves, which means they won’t need you around constantly to baby them. You need someone who will give you space when you need it. Someone who will let you have your own life. Someone who will let you keep your individuality.

9 – The Peacemaker

Stay single until you find someone who is as easygoing as you are. Someone who lets you make your own decisions (even if they’re the wrong ones) instead of attempting to control the situation. You should find someone who can tell when you are upset, even if you are bottling your feelings inside like usual. Someone who pays close enough attention to guess what is going on in your mind. Someone who knows you better than you know yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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