Listen To Me: You Do Not Deserve What You Are Going Through

You do not deserve to have your kindness taken advantage of by people who you thought you could trust. They might have made you believe that you were too much, they might have made you question yourself, they might have fooled you into thinking that you did something wrong, but their decision to leave was not your fault. You could not have changed their mind. They are in control of their own actions and you are in control of yours. As you move forward, do not keep your heart in the past. Do not hold onto the idea of them, because they have long forgotten you. They are not worthy of your time, even if the conversations only exist inside of your mind.

You do not deserve to be broke. To be stuck working a dead-end job. To wonder whether you are going to be able to pay the rent next month. You work your ass off. You are trying your hardest. You deserve more opportunities — and if you keep putting in the hours, then you will find them. You will feel financially secure one day. In the future, you won’t have to turn down your friends when they invite you out for drinks, because you will have enough money to pay for the whole crew. You will be able to have fun without repeatedly checking your wallet.

You do not deserve to feel like you are lost. Like you aren’t sure whether your feet are planted on the right path. You have a golden future ahead of you, even if you are doubting your abilities right now. You have enough skills and dedication to reach any goals you set for yourself. As long as you never give up on yourself, great things are in store for you. You just have to hang onto your hope.

You do not deserve to be treated like you are insignificant — even by yourself. You should not criticize yourself. You should not hate what you see when you look in the mirror. You are beautiful. Not just on the inside, but on the outside too. Stop assuming that everyone thinks you are as unattractive as you think you are, because you are the blind one. You are the only one who puts yourself down like this.

You do not deserve to be stung by your past pain. You need to let go of your anger. Your sadness. Your heartbreak. You need to give yourself permission to be happy again. You need to inch forward without any glances behind.

You do not deserve what you are going through. You are working your ass off. You are trying to be a good friend. A good employee. A good person. You have made your fair share of mistakes in the past, but you have acknowledged them. You have regretted them. You have promised yourself you would do better in the future. That means you have a good head on your shoulders. That means you are someone on the track toward growth.

You do not deserve what you are going through, even if a part of you feels like you do deserve it. You are more valuable than you think you are. You are more intelligent than you think you are. You are worth more than you think you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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