Introverts Are Quiet In Crowds But Loud Around Their Friends

Elliott Dunning

Introverts have a small circle of friends. Most of the time, we hate people. We don’t want to be surrounded by crowds. We would rather be alone in our bedrooms than swarmed by strangers at a party.

We isolate ourselves because too much social interaction lowers our energy levels. We don’t have the stamina for small talk. We get drained easily.

Most people consider us quiet. Shy. Closed off. That’s because they only see us during the moments when we are sitting in the back of the room, observing instead of joining in. They never see what we are like in our comfort zone. Our safe space.

The only people who know the real us are our closest friends. We don’t click with many people, so when we finally find someone who gets us, we cling on tightly.

If you are someone we feel relaxed around, then we won’t want to let you go. Genuine connections are difficult for us to find so we make sure we take advantage of them.

While the rest of the world sees us as quiet, you know we are secretly loud. We are talkative. We never shut up.

We spend most of our day around strangers, listening instead of speaking, so by the time we get the chance to see you, we are in the mood to talk. We have a million things to say. We have thousands of stories to tell.

Around our friends, we release the enthusiasm that we tone down around strangers. We let ourselves act hyper. We stop censoring ourselves. We stay authentic.

In public, we have trouble letting our voices be heard. We don’t like to raise our hands in class. We don’t like to volunteer to speak during meetings. We don’t like to have the attention centered around us.

That changes when we are with people who make us feel protected. Around friends, we are the loudest ones. The ones who make the dumbest jokes. The ones who are the best storytellers. The ones who are fun to be around because we always have something silly to say.

We are quiet in crowds, but when we are with our closest friends, we make up for all of our past silences. Some of our friends might actually think we talk too much, even though most casual acquaintances don’t even know what our voice sounds like.

Just because we are reserved during work and class hours doesn’t mean we are like that all of the time. We have personalities. We have stories to tell. We are just picky about who we open ourselves up to about our lives. We are selective about who we let into our hearts.

If you become friends with an introvert, you will experience a rare side to us most of the world is shielded from seeing. You will have a completely different view of us than most people do because you actually get to see the real us. You get to see our truth. TC mark

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