If You Hit A Woman, You Are A Piece Of Shit

A woman
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I don’t care if you were drunk.

I don’t care if you were high.

I don’t care if you were just so angry. 

Guess what else? I don’t care if you are suddenly sorry.

Sorry does not take back what you have done. Sorry does not make the bruises disappear. Sorry does not heal the emotional pain you have left on her soul.

There is absolutely NO excuse for hitting your girlfriend. For smacking her. For choking her. For backing her into a corner and making her feel like you just might attack her.

If you hit a woman, you are a piece of shit. You don’t deserve to be in a relationship. You don’t deserve to hold someone’s love. 

If you hit a woman, you are dead to me. You are a waste of my time and everyone else’s. Such a waste of time that I’d rather talk to the woman you’re with instead.

So ladies…

If you are with a man who hits you, who smashes your shit, who makes you feel unsafe when he’s around, then you need to leave.

You need to leave, even if you love him.

You need to leave, even if he’s not like this when he’s sober.

You need to leave, even if you’re still holding onto the hope that he can change. 

You need to leave, even if you feel like you were out of line and you did deserve to be punished by him.

You need to leave, because you can live without him. You really, truly can.

You need to leave, because despite what you have been telling yourself, the good days do NOT make up for the bad days.

You deserve to be treated with respect all the time. Every hour of the day. Even when you are being a complete bitch.

You should be allowed to have an argument with your person without worrying about getting smacked if you speak up. You should be able to have open and honest communication. 

I know that you’ve been hesitating, because you aren’t sure what’s going to happen if you leave. I also know a part of you still considers him a good guy because there was a time when he slid out your chair and bought you roses and called you beautiful. But if he hits you HE IS NOT A GOOD GUY.

Don’t argue with that sentence. Don’t even bother.

Good guys do not hit the person they are supposedly in love with. Good guys do not behave the way he has been behaving.

If you’re afraid to leave, there are hotlines you can call. There are guides you can read. There are shelters that will keep you safe.

He is not your entire world. He is not the only guy who will ever love you. 

At first, it will be hard to leave him but once he has been completely removed from your world, you will be so much happier. You will feel so much safer. You will experience comfort for the first time.

If he hits you, if he slaps you, if he throws shit at you, if he punches holes through the wall next to you, he is a piece of shit and you deserve so much better than him. I hope you see that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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