I Knew I Found My Forever Person When Love Stopped Feeling So Scary

A girl in love
Unsplash / Pascal B.

I knew I found my forever person when I stopped hating myself. When I stopped criticizing myself for every little thing I did wrong. When I stopped thinking I wasn’t good enough for a relationship and would end up dying alone.

With him, I never felt insecure. He brought out my confident side. He called me beautiful. He looked at me like I was the only girl in the room. He made me rethink the way I saw myself. He helped me love myself the way he loved me.

I knew I found my forever person when I started opening up. Revealing secrets. Speaking without a filter.

Around him, I never felt pressured to appear perfect. I never felt awkward when I spilt food on myself or stumbled over my own two feet. I felt confident for the first time in my life because he loved the real version of me, not the cool girl version, not the version I played to impress others.

I knew I found my forever person when I stopped resisting affection. When I stopped acting like I was heartless and pulled him closer even though I had a habit of pushing people away.

With him, I never hesitated to talk about the future. Thinking about a week or a month or a year down the road didn’t freak me out the way it did with exes. It enlivened me. It made me feel like I had something to look forward to experiencing. It made me excited about what was to come.

I knew I found my forever person when I stopped noticing other attractive people. I stopped using my dating apps. I stopped texting exes. I stopped thinking about people who used to mean the world to me, because he was the only person I wanted a relationship with. He was the only person I cared about seeing again.

With him, I never felt like I was settling. I never felt like I was lowering my standards. He met every expectation. He followed through on every promise. He never disappointed me. He made me believe that good people do exist.

I knew I found my forever person when commitment stopped feeling so scary. When I let myself be vulnerable. When I let myself take the risk of falling in love without worrying too much about what would happen if it all fell apart.

With him, I never imagined the worst case scenario. I never considered what I would do if he cheated or if he broke up with me out of the blue — because I was confident those things would never happen. I trusted him not to hurt me. I believed we would last a lifetime.

I knew I found my forever person when staying single didn’t seem like an option anymore. When I realized my best course of action was to let my guard down and allow him into my life.

With him, I felt happier than ever before. More comfortable than ever before. More myself than ever before. I never had a doubt in my mind about him — and I don’t think I ever will. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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