I Am Slowly Learning You Are Allowed To Switch Directions In Life

A girl switching directions in life
Unsplash / Lauren Roberts

I am slowly learning that, just because something made you happy a few years ago, that does not mean it still makes you happy today. Your heart can change with time. You have to continually question yourself about what it is you truly want so that you don’t end up settling.

Maybe your career used to bring you excitement but it has become more of a burden over the years. Maybe you used to be head over heels in love with your person but the feelings have faded over time. Maybe you used to be happy living where you were but need a change of scenery.

It is never too late to break up or divorce. It is never too late to swap careers or move across the country. It is never too late to follow your dreams. It is never too late to make a u-turn and redesign your life.

I am slowly learning there is no cutoff limit. There isn’t a certain age where you are no longer permitted to make changes. Your teens and twenties are not the only time when you get to choose which career you want to pursue and which person you want to spend a lifetime alongside. You can be in your forties, fifties, or sixties and decide that your bucket list has changed.

I am slowly learning that the opinions you made as a child are allowed to morph into something different as you age. You are not a hypocrite for believing one thing when you were younger and going against it now. You are allowed to redefine your morals. You are allowed to have epiphanies. You are allowed to decide you were wrong in the years past.

I am slowly learning you are supposed to grow as a person. You are not supposed to be the same person you were decades ago. Having new opinions and hopes and dreams is a positive thing. It is a sign you are developing instead of remaining in one place.

I am slowly learning that, even though it’s scary to give up one way of living in exchange for another, it’s better to take a risk than to remain unhappy. It’s better to work your ass off to reach your goals than to lazily accept that you are never going to wake up fulfilled.

I am slowly learning there is nothing wrong with being dissatisfied with where you are right now, even though you have everything you used to want. If you wish you had more, that means there is something to work toward. It means you have a direction you can start inching toward.

I am slowly learning you are allowed to switch directions in life. You are not tethered to the place where you currently exist. You are not trapped. You have the power to change any piece of your world that makes you uncomfortable. You have complete control over yourself and can shift paths at any time, so never think it is too late to make a different decision. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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