49 Reminders For When Your Anxiety Convinces You Everyone Hates You


1. Your self-worth is not defined by how many friends you have. 

2. Just because you don’t talk to certain people every single day, that doesn’t mean they have stopped caring about you. 

3. You are not as alone as you feel. 

4. More people care about you than you think. 

5. The worst case scenarios you are imagining inside of your head are rarely the reality. 

6. You should never let your insecurities convince you to isolate yourself. 

7. Outgrowing old friends does not mean you are never going to make any new friends. 

8. There is a difference between feeling lonely late on a Friday night and being completely alone in life. 

9. The way you are feeling right this second will not last forever, even if it feels like it will. 

10. You are not the only one who is convinced no one cares. 

11. Today you might feel like you are completely alone, but that could change by tomorrow. 

12. It’s better for you to leave your toxic friends in the past, even if that means missing them. 

13. Despite what your anxiety tells you, you are worthy of being loved. 

14. You are already loved. 

15. If someone tells you (and shows you) they care about you, believe them. 

16. Don’t let your doubts convince you they are lying. 

17. Don’t let your fears push everyone else away. 

18. Stop thinking about people who are no longer thinking about you.

19. Just because you were childhood friends, that does not mean you were meant to stay friends as adults. 

20. Sometimes people grow apart so they can both grow as individuals.

21. There is nothing wrong with being single. 

22. There is nothing wrong with having a small group of friends

23. Everyone has days where they feel like there is no point in moving forward. 

24. You are not always going to feel this hopeless.

25. You are not always going to feel this alone. 

26. Eventually, you are going to find someone who feels like home. 

27. No one hates you as much as you hate yourself.

28. No one is judging you as hard as you are judging yourself.

29. You matter.

30. You deserve to feel like you are valuable — because you are.

31. You have been way too hard on yourself lately.

32. Stop believing the nasty voices inside of your head.

33. Everyone (even your favorite celebrity) has dealt with rejection before.

34. Everyone has lost childhood friends they thought would be there forever.

35. Anyone who walks away from you doesn’t realize what they are missing.

36. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there.

37. The only way you will change your life is by changing your attitude.

38. You can’t be afraid to take a risk.

39. You can’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone.

40. Remember you have the power to shape your own world.

41. Don’t let your anxiety stop you from chasing after what you truly want.

42. Don’t let your anxiety become an excuse to keep yourself isolated.

43. Just because you are alone right now does not mean you are alone in life.

44. Sometimes life is wildly unfair.

45. Sometimes the worst things happen to the best people. 

46. Even if you have no one to lean on, that is okay.

47. You are strong enough to make it through this world on your own. 

48. You don’t need anyone to pull you from this rut, because you can do that yourself. 

49. You can provide yourself with the same amount of love you have been searching for from others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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