36 Reminders For Single Men Who Want To Sleep With Sexy Women

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1. Don’t forget about foreplay. 

2. Don’t forget about her clit. 

3. You might be attractive, but if your personality sucks, she won’t want anything to do with you. 

4. If you expect her to go down on you, then you better be ready to go down on her

5. She deserves an orgasm as much as you do. 

6. Having a big dick does not mean you are automatically good in bed. 

7. Having a small dick does not mean you are automatically bad in bed. 

8. It takes women longer to get wet than it takes you to get hard, so be patient. 

9. If she tells you to stop in the middle of sex because it hurts or she needs to pee or she has changed her mind, stop. She can take away consent at any time. 

10. If she asks you to use a condom, don’t argue with her about it. 

11. If she says no when you ask her to fulfill one of your fantasies, don’t keep pushing until she reluctantly says yes. 

12. Don’t make her get on top every single time. Do some of the work yourself. 

13. Unless you are sexting and she specifically asks for a picture, do not send her a dick pic. 

14. Do not beg her to send you nudes. If she wants to send them, then she’ll do it on her own. 

15. Sex isn’t all about you. 

16. She should be getting as much pleasure out of the experience as you are. 

17. Just because you have permission to touch her vagina, it doesn’t mean you have permission to try anal. 

18. If you ever want to sleep with her again (or if you just don’t want to be a dick) don’t make her feel bad about her body. 

19. Remember she doesn’t owe you sex because you bought her a drink.

20. She doesn’t owe you sex because she kissed you and now you have blue balls. 

21. She doesn’t owe you sex, even if you are dating and have had sex before. 

22. No matter how excited you are to try something new, never pressure her into it if it makes her uncomfortable. 

23. Let her move at her own pace. 

24. Kiss her neck more often. 

25. Never force her head down onto your crotch. 

26. If you expect her to shave before sex, then you should keep yourself groomed as well.

27. Don’t act like it’s a chore to go down on her.

28. Don’t get too drunk before sex, because you will become sloppy.

29. Let her know whether you want casual sex or a serious relationship from the start so you’re on the same page.

30. Stop expecting her to act like the women you watch in pornos.

31. Stop expecting every inch of hair to be removed from her body.

32. Stop having unrealistic expectations that will make her feel like she isn’t good enough. 

33. Let her orgasm before you.

34. Instead of calling an Uber as soon as you’re finished, take the time to cuddle with her.

35. Let her know that you appreciate her for more than just her body.

36. No matter what, treat her with respect inside and outside of the bedroom.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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