25 Uncomfortable Truths About Boys You Don’t Want To Hear

Brandon Woelfel

1. His mixed signals mean he likes you a little bit — but not enough to be your boyfriend. 

2. You shouldn’t look at every kind gesture he makes as a sign that he likes you. He might just be a friendly guy. Or he might be looking for sex

3. Sleeping with him is not going to convince him to love you. 

4. If he isn’t willing to put in effort in the beginning, it will only get worse as the relationship progresses. 

5. Casual relationships never end well if you secretly want a real relationship. 

6. I’m not ready for a relationship right now is a bullshit excuse to avoid making a commitment. 

7. You can have your heart broken by someone you didn’t date. 

8. Saying he misses you means nothing if his actions aren’t backing up the words.

9. If he can easily go days without talking to you, then you probably don’t mean as much to him as he means to you. 

10. People change. Relationships change. And that is not always a good thing.  

11. You could talk to each other every single day from morning until night, but if you only text and never meet in person, you are never going to become an official couple. 

12. You are going to accidentally end up matching with boys on dating apps that are already in relationships. 

13. He might be perfect for you on paper but that doesn’t mean you’re going to have chemistry when you meet face-to-face. 

14. Even though looks aren’t everything, it’s important for couples to be attracted to each other if the relationship is going to last. 

15. No matter how much you love him, he is not worth sacrificing your career over. 

16. The boy won’t always be the asshole in the situation. Sometimes you will be the asshole. 

17. Sometimes giving your ex a second chance is the best thing you can do. But most of the time it’s a terrible idea. You broke up for a reason. 

18. Sometimes you will like someone so much that you will see signs that aren’t there — and miss red flags that are there. 

19. There is always a chance you are going to get ghosted, even by someone who seemed like a really good guy

20. It can be hard to tell whether someone is interested in a relationship with you or a one-night stand with you. Sometimes you won’t find out until it’s too late and you’re already attached. 

21. No matter how good you think your taste in boys is, you are eventually going to fall for someone who is not worth a second of your time. 

22. Just because two people are deeply in love with each other, that doesn’t mean they are meant to spend the rest of their lives together.

23. It takes a lifetime to build trust in a relationship but only seconds to destroy that trust.  

24. Relationships are either going to last a lifetime or they are going to end in heartbreak. Those are your only two options. 

25. Every single person on this planet has had their heart broken before — and you are not going to be the exception. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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