12 Struggles ‘Only Children’ Have When It Comes To Modern Dating

An only child
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1. We are mature for our age. We aren’t interested in dating games. We aren’t interested in seeing where things go. We are old souls, which means while some people our age might be okay with almost relationships and casual flings, we are ready for something serious. Something that has the potential to last a lifetime.  

2. We crave constant affection. Growing up, we never had any competition, and we won’t tolerate competition in our relationships either. If you are stuck between dating us or dating some other person, then you might as well choose them. We don’t want to be your second choice. We want to be your only one. 

3. We need our alone time. There are going to be moments when we want to hang out with our friends by ourselves or watch certain television shows without you sitting beside us. It’s not that we are sick of you. It’s that we’re used to having our own lives. We’re not used to others tagging along for every single event. 

4. We feel an added pressure to succeed. We don’t have any siblings, so we feel like the responsibility of success falls on us. We don’t want to disappoint our parents. We want to make them proud. So we work our ass off. Sometimes we might spend a little too much time at work. 

5. We expect you to spoil usMost of us were spoiled by our parents and expect to be spoiled in our relationships as well. Of course, we’re willing to return the favor. We are creative. We are sentimental. We will buy (or make) you the best gifts you have ever received. 

6. We don’t need a parent, we need a partner. We are independent. We can take care of ourselves. If you act like you are in charge of us or know more than us, we won’t be flattered, we’ll be offended. 

7. We are afraid of confrontation. We didn’t grow up with siblings who fought with us over our toys and we weren’t allowed to speak back to our parents. We don’t have much practice when it comes to confrontation which is why we avoid it as much as possible. Sometimes we bottle up our emotions instead of letting them loose. 

8. We get attached easily. We don’t have any brothers or sisters, which is why we have created our own family over the years. That mindset has led us to get attached to friends and partners quickly, which is why it hurts so bad when someone leaves us. 

9. We can come across as selfishWe need our personal space. We need room to breathe. We’re not used to sharing clothes or a bathroom or a bedroom. It’s going to take some time for us to adjust to living with someone else. 

10. We love ourselves. Not in a shallow, cocky way. In a healthy way. We know what we deserve. We know when to walk away from someone who is treating us poorly. We know our value.

11. We need you to get along with our friends. Our friends are like siblings to us. If you don’t get along with them, then you aren’t a good fit for us. 

12. We have high standardsWe are comfortable being alone. We are used to it by now. If the right relationship hasn’t come along, we aren’t going to force ourselves into a toxic one. We aren’t going to put up with people who treat us poorly. We are going to hold out for an authentic love. Otherwise, we are perfectly happy on our own. TC mark

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