Zodiacs Ranked By Whether They Prefer Old Fashioned Dating Or Modern Dating

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You are a sucker for chivalry. You want a guy who holds open doors for you and pulls out your chair. A guy who will bring your mother flowers when he stops over for dinner and will ask your father for permission to marry you. Sometimes, you feel like you were born in the wrong decade.


You are an old soul. You like spending your nights reading and listening to old records. You’ve never really been into the club scene and dating apps have only let you down so far. In your mind, modern dating is so much harder than it looks. In fact, you wish you could skip dating all together and jump to the part where you are living happily ever after with the love of your life.


You hate the idea of casual dating. You want to know exactly where you stand with someone. You don’t want to second guess how they feel. You don’t want to be unsure of your relationship title. You are an old fashioned dater, because you want your boyfriends to ask you on a real date instead of hanging out. You want flowers delivered to your door and kisses on your porch at the end of the night.


You hate how sexual modern dating has become. You love sex as much as the next girl, but you don’t want to sext and send nudes to someone you just met. And it would be nice to go on a date without feeling pressured to take your clothes off at the end of the night. You like moving slow. You wish other people felt the same way.


You wish boys from this decade would put in more effort, the way men used to do in the past. You’re sick of waiting hours for a text back and meeting up at the last second to watch Netflix. You want romance. You want someone who writes you handwritten notes. Someone who dresses up during dates. Someone who actually tries.


The only reason you dislike modern dating is because commitment is hard to find. All you want is someone who stays loyal. Someone who deletes their Tinder and calls you their girlfriend, instead of keeping things casual and keeping an eye out for other options. You just wish someone would commit for a change.


You don’t really prefer modern dating or old fashioned dating, because you do whatever the hell you want regardless. You don’t care if some people think it’s unacceptable to double text or talk about the future on the first date. You go with your gut. You listen to your instincts. If someone doesn’t like your dating style, then they can go fuck themselves, because they clearly aren’t meant for you.


You’re shy, so modern dating actually works out in your favor. It’s much easier for you to flirt with someone over text or by liking their Instagram photos than actually walk up to someone attractive and introduce yourself in person. It can get annoying when your relationship only exists over text after months of knowing each other, but you don’t mind when it starts out that way. It’s more comfortable for you.


You can’t stand modern dating because of booty calls and almost relationships and ghosting. But you would also hate old fashioned dating, because you don’t want to be treated like some helpless princess. No matter what, dating sucks. There’s no debating that fact.


Modern dating has its ups and downs, but really, you can’t complain about it. You love how easy it is to meet new people over the internet and social media and dating apps. You love how relaxed dates are because most people aren’t looking for anything serious. You love how no one really gives a fuck whether you are single, because there is more to life than a relationship status.


As much as you complain about the stresses of modern dating, you like it better this way. You aren’t looking for a knight in shining armor to save you because you are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself. You don’t need a man holding open doors for you and driving you around and paying for your dinners. You can do that shit yourself.


The modern dating world is exactly where you belong. You are perfectly happy with the idea of almost relationships and friends with benefits, because you are terrified of commitment. You couldn’t imagine getting married at such an early age. You like keeping it casual. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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