When You Love Someone, You Don’t Let Your Fears Chase You Away

A girl with fears
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When you love someone, you don’t let your fears chase you away. You force yourself to be brave. You open your heart up to your person, you don’t keep any secrets from your person, even though there is a chance they could completely shatter your heart in the end.

When you love someone, you decide the risk is worth the reward. Yes, there is a chance you are going to get hurt. Yes, there is a chance things are going to crash and burn. But you are willing to risk the pain, because you love your person that much. Because you couldn’t imagine living without them.

When you love someone, you don’t run away at the first signs of trouble. Instead of growing scared and scampering away when conflict arises, you stand your ground and come to a compromise. You talk things through with your person instead of bottling up your emotions to the point of explosion.

When you love someone, you stop acting like a skeptic. You stop saying things like I’m better off alone and nothing lasts forever. You change the way you think about love. You push whatever doubts that arrive out of your mind and give your person a fighting chance.

When you love someone, you give yourself a few minutes to freak out whenever something goes wrong, but never any longer than that. You don’t dwell on relationship problems. You put your heads together and fix those problems. You never let unhealthy situations fester. You set things right again.

When you love someone, you are honest about your fears. You tell your person about the baggage you have brought with you. Even though it’s scary to be so transparent, you let them know about your trust issues and abandonment issues so they know what they are working with. So they know what they can do to calm your fears.

When you love someone, you deal with your fears in a new way. Instead of letting them eat you alive, you push them out of your mind. You convince yourself everything is going to be okay instead of assuming the worst like you used to do.

When you love someone, you place your full trust in them. You trust they will stay loyal to you. You trust they will respect you. You trust they will not screw you over in any way. Most of all, you trust they will not make you regret choosing them.

When you love someone, you will still have fears. You will still have doubts. But you will find a way to push past them, because the thought of not having your person around will hurt much more than anything else you could imagine.

When you love someone for long enough, your fears will take a new shape. Instead of worrying about getting hurt by them, you will start to worry about accidentally hurting them. Instead of worrying about your own happiness, you will worry about their happiness. Instead of worrying about yourself, all of your worries will be about them, because you will love them even more than you love yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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