The Worst Thing You Can Do To A Girl With A Soft Heart

You can convince her to trust you, promise her that you will never hurt her the way people in her past have, and then sneak behind her back with some other girl who barely means anything to you.

You can text her every single night and every single morning, tell her how much you miss her and can’t wait to see her again, and then stop talking to her out of the blue without giving her an explanation about where you went.

You can tell her your deepest secrets, banter back and forth about the most ridiculous topics, and make out with her on weekends, and then refer to her as just a friend. 

You can screw up, beg her to give you a second chance, and then go right back to doing what you have always done because you didn’t really mean it when you said sorry.

You can flirt with her nonstop, call her beautiful, and make her feel like there is a serious spark between you — and then suddenly start dating someone else before you even give her a real chance.

You can invite her into your bedroom, kiss her on the lips, and then let her know that you’re only interested in casual sex because you’re just not ready for a relationship right now.

You can lead her on for months with promises about how you are going to be together one day and then decide that you are bored of her before you ever get the chance to make things official.

You can sleep with her and then ignore her texts the next morning because you already got what you wanted from her and don’t care about what she expected to get in return from you.

You can act like she is the love of your life, the most beautiful woman you have ever set eyes upon, and then stop putting in effort once your relationship becomes official.

You can decide to date her, let her do everything for you, and give her absolutely nothing in return.

You can make her feel worthless, even though every single day she makes you feel like you actually matter.

You can look her directly in the eyes and lie to her, even though she would never do such a thing to you.

You can get mad at her when she tries to express her feelings, even though you should be happy she trusts you enough to tell you the truth.

You can give her even more trust issues than she had before she met you, even though she didn’t realize that was possible.

You can make promises to her you are never going to keep and then beg her not to leave when she gets tired of your bullshit and wants to raise her standards.

You can convince her to take a chance on you even though she is terrified of getting hurt again, make her think of you as her forever person, and eventually break her heart the same way you swore you never would. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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