The Strongest Girls Always Overthink

A strong girl who overthinks
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The strongest girls overthink because they have a hard time relaxing. They are fighters. They are used to working their ass off, so whenever they have a moment of rest, they become skeptical. They say things are too good to be true. They wonder whether something horrible is about to happen, because they’re used to living a life of chaos. Nothing has ever come easy for them.

The strongest girls overthink because they never want to be caught off guard. They have trouble sitting back and relaxing, because they prefer sitting in the driver’s seat, taking total control. Their worst nightmare is losing their own personal power. Some might consider them control freaks, but really, they just trust their own judgement the most. They have faith in themselves, but other people? Well, other people always seem to let them down.

The strongest girls overthink because they have walked through hellfire before. They know what it’s like to have bullshit unexpectedly thrown at them. They realize their entire world can change on a dime, which is why they are always on alert. They hope things will go well, but they never expect things to go well. They have too much life experience to blindly act as optimists.

The strongest girls overthink because they are protectors. They want to take care of their loved ones. They want to be able to say, “Everything is going to be okay” and mean it. They run through every possible scenario inside their head so they are able to handle whatever happens when shit hits the fan. They don’t want to leave anything off the table. They consider all angles.

The strongest girls overthink because they are highly intelligent. They realize most people are only out for themselves, and most situations aren’t as they appear, so they never take anything at face value. When someone says something to them, they consider the possibility they are being lied to. They are the opposite of gullible. They won’t let anyone pull one over on them.

The strongest girls overthink because they have so much going on in their world. They are trying to do it all. To have a thriving career. To have a loving relationship. To have an exciting social life. To have a healthy body and a healthy mind. There are a million goals they are aiming to accomplish at such a young age, so it’s no surprise their brain is always in overdrive. They never have the chance to shut their mind off, even on the days when they should be relaxing.

The strongest girls overthink because they weren’t always this strong. Overthinking is a leftover habit from back when they were insecure. When they were worried about what to say in front of others. When they second-guessed every move they made because they didn’t want to embarrass themselves. Now, they couldn’t care less about what others think about them, but they can’t shake their old habits. They still overthink. It’s just the way their brain works. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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