Some People Are Going To Treat You Like Shit

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Some people won’t be able to see your worth. Some people won’t realize how much you have to offer. Some people are going to treat you like shit.

Some people are going to hurt you and there is no way you can punish them for it. They aren’t going to care if you cry in front of them. They aren’t going to feel bad if you delete them from social media or block their texts. They aren’t going to be impacted by your punishments, because their heart beats differently than yours does. They don’t care with the intensity that you do.

Some people are going to hurt you without apologizing. Lie to you without feeling guilty. Screw you over without considering your side of the story.

Some people won’t care about your feelings, even when you attempt to have a civilized conversation with them about how much they have impacted you. Some people won’t change their ways, even if their bad behaviors are destroying their life and the lives of those around them.

Some people only care about themselves. They will place themselves first in every situation. They will step over others to reach their intended destination. They won’t glance back to see who they trampled on. They will keep moving forward without any regrets holding them back.

Some people aren’t dictated by their conscious. Some people always think they are right, even when everyone surrounding them can see how wrong they are. Some people will never look at themselves in the mirror and realize they need to make a change.

Some people will never learn, so there is no point in fixating on what they have done to you. It would only be a waste of your time.

Some people live in a fantasy land. They think everyone loves them. They don’t consider themselves a bad person. They believe they are doing their best.

Some people aren’t going to give you closure. They aren’t going to give you an apology. They don’t think you deserve one. They don’t think there is anything for them to be sorry about.

Some people don’t care about who they hurt as long as they get their way. They will lie to get ahead. They will cheat because it feels good. They ignore their morals to listen to their impulses.

Some people are oblivious to the pain they have caused. Some people don’t want to admit how toxic they are, so they pretend others are the problem. They will blame you when you haven’t done anything wrong. When you gave them all of your heart. When you tried your hardest to make them happy.

Some people will make you question your sanity. Some people will make you want to scream and curse and cry. Some people will bring out the darkest sides of you. Some people will make you hate yourself when you should be hating them.

Some people aren’t deserving of your kindness. Some people are beyond your help.

Some people aren’t worth your streaming tears or your passing thoughts. Some people belong lost in your past, because they are only going to poison your future. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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