She Keeps Getting Hurt Because She Listens To Her Heart (And Ignores Her Head)

A girl who listens to her heart
Unsplash / Joanna Nix

Even when her head is screaming out a warning, telling her to stay far away from the person she is chasing after, she ignores the sounds. She doesn’t want to hear it. She would rather stay blissfully ignorant. She would rather keep her faith alive.

She is the kind of girl who listens to her heart over her head and that’s why she has had her world shattered so many times before. That’s why she always ends up in toxic relationships even though she deserves so much more than that.

She is not stupid. She sees the red flags. She just chooses to ignore them. She doesn’t want to admit that this person — this intelligent, attractive, hysterical person — might not be the one for her.

When he takes hours to answer her texts or cancels plans at the last second, she creates excuses for him. She doesn’t even ask him to give his own explanation. She so badly wants to believe he’s her soulmate, so she creates a story inside of her head that makes him look good.

As soon as she falls for someone, she completely ignores her common sense. She will drop her standards in a heartbeat. She will even go against the rules she has created for herself and turn into someone she doesn’t want to be.

She will triple text, begging him to tell her where he went. She will call him at work to see if he’s really there. She will keep score. She will start arguments. She will stay for much longer than she ever should have spent with someone who treats her like a backup plan.

Even when it becomes clear to everyone around her that the relationship is never going to last, she will hold on for dear life. She will fight to keep the romance alive. She will not give up easily, because once she gets attached, once she decides she wants to commit to someone, it’s hard to change her mind.

She listens to her heart and completely ignores her head, which is why her loves always start out with a spark and end in flames. She doesn’t think things through before jumping into new relationships. If there is chemistry, then she will give the guy a chance. It doesn’t matter how poorly he treats her. It doesn’t matter whether he deserves her or not.

She loves the idea of love. And since it’s rare for her to find someone she actually wants to date, she will be so excited when she meets someone she clicks with that she won’t think about the repercussions. If he will give her a chance, then she will give him a chance. It’s as simple as that.

She listens to her heart and ignores her head — and that is why she keeps getting hurt. That is why her relationships always turn toxic.

She deserves someone who looks at her like she’s their entire world, but she isn’t going to find that until she reaches a better balance. Until she gives her head as much credit as her heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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