If You Want A Forever Love, Date A Girl Who Works Hard And Loves Hard

A forever couple
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Date a girl who loves hard. A girl who expresses her emotions without ever holding her fire back. A girl who will kiss you with the passion of a thousand stars. A girl who will text you about how much she loves you when you are not around and will whisper the words deep into your ear when you are. A girl who will remind you of your worth when you have forgotten and uplift you when you’re in need of encouragement.

Date a girl who works hard. A girl with a passion she is actively pursuing. A girl who has a dream she is taking tiny steps toward every single day. A girl who is working her hardest to make something of herself, because she believes she has what it takes to reach success. She believes if she does the best that she possibly can, it will be good enough. 

Date a girl who loves hard. A girl who puts effort into the relationship. A girl who makes you feel like you matter. A girl who is willing to go the extra mile for you. A girl who is willing to sacrifice for you. A girl who is willing to do whatever it takes to bring you a little bit of happiness. A girl who shows you how much you mean to her every single day out of the goodness of her heart. 

Date a girl who works hard. A girl who has a life of her own outside of your relationship. A girl who stays busy throughout the work week. A girl who has goals that have nothing to do with you. A girl who doesn’t rely on you to pay the bills because she brings home her own money. A girl who considers you a main source of her happiness, but not the only source of her happiness. A girl who has cultivated her independence.

Date a girl who loves hard. A girl who will fight for your relationship when things become uneasy. A girl who will sit you down and compromise with you instead of throwing up her hands and walking away at the first sign of conflict. A girl who will try her best to salvage the love you have created. A girl who will do everything within her control to keep your relationship strong. 

Date a girl who works hard. A girl who is willing to put extra hours into the office. A girl who never complains about how long the road to success looks. A girl who refuses to give up on herself even after a rough day, because she knows she has potential. She knows she is going to beat her demons. She knows she is going to make something of herself.

Date a girl who works hard and loves hard, because it means she has her priorities straight. It means she has a good idea about what she wants to gain from his world. It means she will treat you right, but she will also treat herself right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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