If He Was Serious About You, He Wouldn’t Be Chasing Other Girls

A girl in a serious relationship
Unsplash / Nick Karvounis

When a boy loves you, he stays loyal to you. He decides that his feelings for you are worth more than some pointless fling.

He would never even think about cheating on you, because you’re the only person he sees. According to him, you’re the most beautiful woman in every room. No exception.

If your boyfriend has his heart set on spending the rest of his life with you, he would never entertain the thought of flirting with someone else, even for a second, even if there was no possible way you would ever find out about it. Just because he could get away with it doesn’t mean he is going to try.

When there isn’t a doubt in his mind about your relationship, it’s not that hard to shut down anyone who flirts with him. He can flash his ring. He can slip your name into conversation. He can make it clear he is off-limits because he is already coming home to the one person who means the world to him.

If he was serious about forming a lifelong love with you, everyone would know about your relationship. He wouldn’t shut up about you. He would never give someone the impression he was still single, because the first chance he got, he would mention your name.

He wouldn’t act like he’s still on the market. He wouldn’t lead other girls on. He wouldn’t spend time texting exes behind your back. He wouldn’t turn his phone away every time you tried to glance over his shoulder. He wouldn’t hide ‘friends’ beneath fake names. He wouldn’t put his phone in airplane mode so you never saw his texts coming through. He wouldn’t leave a passcode on his screen impossible to crack. He wouldn’t keep secrets from the one person he is supposed to trust with everything.

If he truly cared about your relationship, he wouldn’t be thinking about other people while he was falling asleep beside you. He wouldn’t be dressing up for work in the hopes of impressing some other girl. He wouldn’t be more concerned with what she thinks of him than of what you think of him.

If he really loved you, if he really respected you, if he really gave half a shit about you, then he wouldn’t cheat on you. Not physically. Not emotionally. He wouldn’t even micro-cheat.

He would stay loyal and it would be easy for him. He wouldn’t dream of pressing his lips against anyone else. He would never want to sleep with anyone except you. He would never hurt you. He would never ruin what the two of you have created.

If he was serious about you, then he would never betray you. He would never take your heart and squash it. He would never put you through the pain of feeling like you weren’t enough.

In his eyes, you are more than enough. You are everything he has ever wanted. He would never throw that away. He would never choose anyone else over you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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