If He Missed You, He Would Actually Make Plans To Hang Out With You

A guy who misses a girl
Unsplash / Christian Blankenship

Screw boys who waste your time. Who send mixed signals. Who string you along for months instead of taking your relationship to the next level.

Screw boys who keep you interested with false promises about how they will see you soon. With half-truths about how much they miss you. 

If he really missed you, then he would take charge and plan out a date. He wouldn’t be satisfied with scattered texts sent throughout the week. He would want more than that. He would be dying to see you in person so he could hold you close and hear your laugh.

If he really missed you, then he would ask you out on an official date. He would take your relationship off the phone and into reality.

If he has the time to text you about how much he misses you and how he can’t wait to see you again, then he has the time to text you to ask when you’re free and where you want to meet him for dinner.

It doesn’t matter how busy he is with work and friends and classes. If he missed you as much as he claims he does, then he would rearrange his schedule to see you. He would lose sleep to see you. He would do whatever it took to make time for you if that’s what he really wanted to do.

When his actions and his words are mismatched, you can’t take anything he says at face value. Instead of believing the pretty lies about how strong his feelings are for you, accept the ugly truth. 

He likes you, but he doesn’t like you enough. He doesn’t like you enough to plan out a date with you in advance. He doesn’t like you enough to set aside a block of his time for you. He doesn’t like you enough to wake up a little earlier or skip a day of drinking with his friends so he could see you instead.

He’s only telling you he misses you as a way to convince you to stay. To give him a little more time.

He is giving you false hope, because he doesn’t want to lose the option of dating you, sleeping with you, flirting with you. That’s all you are to him. An option.

If he missed you as much as he’s claiming he does, then he would find a way to see you in person — and it wouldn’t take weeks. He wouldn’t keep texting you at the last second, asking if you’re free. He would find a day to hang out that works for the both of you. He would set the plans in advance. He would make sure a hangout actually happens so you don’t go another month without seeing each other.

He can tell you he misses you as much as he wants — and who knows, maybe it’s the truth — but it doesn’t make a damn difference unless he takes action to see you. Unless he takes you on the date you deserve. TC mark

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