I Am Slowly Learning To Stop Waiting To Start Living

A girl learning to live her best life
Unsplash / Brandon Young

I am slowly learning to stop waiting for the perfect moment to reach for my dreams. I am allowed to chase after what I want, even if I feel like I am not completely ready yet. I am allowed to fail. I am allowed to come up short. I am allowed to try, realize where I went wrong, and try again.

I don’t have to wait until I feel like success is guarenteed, because I am never going to feel that way. I am always going to doubt myself. I am always going to have an excuse to remain inside my comfort zone. If I want to reach my goals, then I have to take risks. I have to give my dreams a fighting chance.

I am slowly learning to stop waiting for people to treat me differently. They are not going to change their attitude if I keep accepting the way they behave. I have to stand up for myself. I have to put them in their place. And, if they fail to give me the respect I have earned, then I have to walk away from them. I have to stop waiting for them to change, because that is never going to happen unless they want it to happen.

I am slowly learning to stop waiting when it comes to relationships. Patience is not going to get me anywhere. I am no longer going to wait for someone to ask for my number. Wait for someone to take me on a date. Wait for someone to save me from myself.

If there is someone worthy of my time, someone I cannot imagine living without, instead of waiting, I can make the first move. I can ask them back to my place. I can lean in for the first kiss. I can actively work toward a relationship instead of hoping they will put in effort for me. I can be the one who guides the relationship toward the next step.

Until I find someone worthy of my time and attention, there is no sense in sitting on my ass and waiting for anyone to sweep me off my feet, because all of the things I’m hoping another person will bring to me are things I can create for myself. I can make my own money. I can afford my own place. I can love myself. I can be happy without a hand to hold. I can be successful without someone nearby to push me forward.

I am slowly learning to stop waiting for things to change. My problems will not magically disappear if I hope hard enough. Wishing on stars is not nearly enough. I have to actually do something about the things that cause me stress. I have to stop accepting my world the way it is and make a change. I have to work my ass off if I want to live the kind of life I can be proud of living. I have to try my hardest every damn day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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