I Am Slowly Learning To Focus Less On Reaching Milestones

A girl reaching new milestones
Daniel Corneschi

I am slowly learning to take one step at a time instead of gazing up the entire staircase. I have a series of goals I plan on accomplishing at some point in my life, but I refuse to place a timestamp on my dreams. Things will happen when they happen, as long as I help success along by putting in effort. By working my ass off every single day.

Instead of focusing on landing my dream job in the future, I am focusing on doing the best I possibly can with my career today. I am thinking small, but aiming big. Likewise, instead of focusing on getting married, I am focusing on surrounding myself with people who treat me with respect, with people who see my worth from the start.

I am slowly learning to stop comparing the start of my journey to the end of everyone else’s journey. I am not at the finish line yet. I am not even close — and that is okay. The exciting part is still ahead of me. I have so much to look forward to achieving.

I am slowly learning to relax. To stop criticizing myself for where I am, because I am not in a bad place. I am working toward a future I can be proud of having. I am doing the best I can with what I have. I am not a failure.

I am slowly learning that the milestones everyone posts about on social media are not the only successes worth celebrating. From now on, I am going to be proud of myself whenever I spend a day eating healthy or do one more pushup than I used to be able to handle. I am going to get excited over the little things, because they are stepping stones that lead toward the big things.

I am slowly learning not to rush success. If I try to take a shortcut toward my dreams, then I might end up unhappier than I have ever been before. I don’t want to get promoted at the wrong job. I don’t want to or marry the wrong person. I don’t want to rush into the wrong thing, just so I can cross it off of my checklist.

I am slowly learning there is no set course. Everyone lives their life differently. I am going to reach certain milestones earlier than my friends and other milestones later than my friends. There might even be milestones they reach that I have no interest in pursuing and vice versa. Different things work well for different people.

I am slowly learning to take a breath and enjoy the moment I am currently experiencing instead of worrying about what tomorrow will bring. Stressing about the future is not going to change anything, and there is only so much I can plan before my thinking stops being productive and starts being intrusive.

I am slowly learning to stop focusing on the end goal and enjoy the journey. I am slowly learning to appreciate where I am right now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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