Girls Just Want Someone They Can Eat Pizza With

A girl with a pizza
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Most girls aren’t looking for someone who will whisk them away for a spontaneous vacation or surprise them with diamonds or pick up the bill at a five-star restaurant.

Would those things be nice? Yes, of course.

But most girls don’t have unrealistic expectations, because they want something real. They aren’t looking for some prince delivered straight out of a fairy tale. They are only looking for someone who will treat them with respect. Someone who will compliment them and encourage them and warm up soup for them when they’re sick.

They don’t want someone who is only fun on weekends when it’s time for another adventure. They want someone they enjoy being around even when they’re doing something mundane like grocery shopping or driving to a dentist appointment or chatting in bed at the end of a long day.

They want someone who will never run out of things to talk about. Someone who can make them burst out laughing at the drive-thru for McDonalds or while brushing their teeth before bed.

Realistically, most weekends aren’t going to be action packed. That’s why girls want someone who is enjoyable in the in-between moments. Someone who makes every single day feel exciting, even when it’s just the two of them, even when they don’t have plans to step foot outside the house that day.

Most girls aren’t looking for anything crazy. They aren’t as picky as people seem to think. All they want is someone who puts in effort. Someone who texts back quickly. Someone who stays loyal. Someone who uses both words and actions to express love.

Girls want a best friend in the form of a lover. Someone who they can trust with their deepest feelings. Someone who will create inside jokes with them they can share for the next decade. Someone who gives them the freedom to be themselves for the first time in their life.

Most girls aren’t looking for a sugar daddy. Most girls are looking for someone who can make them laugh until their stomach hurts while they’re sitting on the couch eating pizza and binging Netflix.

As much as they might love dressing up, they want someone who will love them on the days when they don’t feel like putting in effort. When they are walking around the apartment in sweatpants. When they aren’t wearing a stitch of makeup. When their hair is sopping wet from the shower.

They want someone who thinks they are beautiful, even when they don’t feel beautiful themselves. They want someone who makes them crack a smile, even when they are in the worst mood. They want someone who will express their love each and every day, not just on holidays and anniversaries.

Believe it or not, most girls aren’t looking for anything complicated. They are only looking for someone who will listen to what they have to say in between bites of pizza. Someone who will treat them like a best friend and a forever personTC mark

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