Before You Become Her Boyfriend, She Wants You To Know A Few Things

A girl with her boyfriend
Unsplash / Kirill Suntsov

She wants you to know she is finished with games. If you are only going to text her for a few weeks before you stop answering, or if you are only interested in casual sex, then she wants you to leave before she grows too attached. She doesn’t want to waste her time with another almost. She is only looking for something real, and if you are unable to meet her expectations, she is not going to meet you halfway. She is not going to compromise when it comes to what her heart wants.

She wants you to know how much trouble she has when it comes to overthinking. The worst thing you could possibly do to her is shut her out or leave her without a explanation. No matter how long you have been together, no matter how obvious you believe your feelings are, she needs reassurance you love her. If you suddenly get quiet and won’t tell her why, she will create a million scenarios in her head that are much worse than the reality. She needs you to communicate with her. The minute you stop talking is the minute you’ll start to lose her.

She wants you to know about her trust issues. It takes a lot for her to trust someone with her secrets, with her body, with her heart. In her mind, the worst case scenario is the one most likely to happen. She always expects people to betray her, because that is just her luck. Even though she is the kind to give out second chances, she would never forgive you if you cheated on her. That is one line she prays you will never cross, because if you do, there is no going back. She will never grant you her forgiveness.

She wants you to know how much the idea of commitment scares her. Even though she used to daydream about getting married and living happily ever after when she was young, her twenties turned her into a skeptic. It made her doubt whether she was ever going to find someone who deserved her. It’s a big deal when she starts talking to you about the future. It means she is serious about spending eternity alongside you.

She wants you to know how fragile she feels inside. She isn’t sure if she can handle another heartbreak. If you aren’t one-hundred percent sure about her, then don’t date her. If you are caught between whether you should choose her or another girl, don’t date her. If she doesn’t feel like the one, don’t date her. Only date her if you think you could last a lifetime with her. If you are willing to put in enough effort to keep the relationship strong.

She wants you to know she is okay alone. She doesn’t need you. She doesn’t need anyone. After all, she would rather stay single than get stuck in a relationship with someone who is only going to hurt her in the end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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