33 Things Your (Toxic) Boyfriend Doesn’t Want You To Do

If your boyfriend doesn’t want you to do these things, he’s an asshole and you deserve better.
A toxic boyfriend
Unsplash / Esteban Giacobbe

1. Text him twice in a row. 

2. Cry in front of him. 

3. Turn down sex. 

4. Talk about your feelings.

5. Ask him about his feelings.

6. Ask for a label on your relationship

7. Gain weight. 

8. Dress sexy when you are going out without him.

9. Text other boys.

10. Say, “no.”

11. See your friends more than you see him. 

12. Leave the house without his permission. 

13. Call him out on his bullshit.

14. Ask him to meet your parents. 

15. Blame him for mistakes he made while drunk. 

16. Put your career before your relationship. 

17. Question him when he lies. 

18. Criticize him in any way.

19. Ask him to delete his Tinder. 

20. Ask him to stop talking to his exes. 

21. Ask him to go down on you.

22. Stop shaving. 

23. Stop wearing makeup.

24. Have close friends who are boys. 

25. Talk about the future. 

26. Talk about your period. 

27. Bring up the mistakes he’s made in the past.

28. Stick up for yourself during an argument.

29. Screw him over in the same ways he screwed you over.

30. Be happy without him. 

31. Put yourself before him.

32. Raise your standards for him.

33. Feel good about yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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