25 Singles Reveal The Deal Breaker That Would Ruin A First Date (No Matter How Attractive The Person Is)

Looks aren’t everything. According to Ask Reddit if you do any of the following things, then it doesn’t matter how cute you are, because you’re a complete waste of time.
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1. Talking shit about everyone

“Honestly, talking too much shit about others. A little is fine if you’re telling a story. But too much and I assume you’re a drama llama.” — NotoriousTNT

2. Blaming your ex for the relationship ending

“Not just talking about an ex (because we’re adults and everyone has a past), but continuously calling exes crazy and blaming them for their relationships ending.” — paperghosting

3. Spending the entire time talking about yourself

“Not asking questions to you, constantly talking about themselves.” — amidtheovergrowth

4. Failing to show up on time

“I went on a date with ALL the red flags.

Dude showed up half an hour late. He did tell me he would be late when I got there, but then told me he’s always late to everything

He talked about how he used to be addicted to drugs and lost everything.

He talked about his ex wife.

He talked about how his kids hate him and refuse to speak to him.

He would only compliment my looks instead of anything I had to say.

He would interrupt me.

He tried to convince me to get in his car and go with him to a house he doesn’t even own or rent.

He talked about how he looks good in a purple silk shirt and leather jeans.

It was the worst fucking date I’d ever had.” — Thisisathrowaway4cat

5. Looking at your phone more than the other person

“Being on their phone the entire time.

I get having to check every now and then or responding to an important text/taking a call. But the amount of times I’ve seen people sit on their phones for an entire ‘date’ confuses the hell out of me.” — zeebow77

6. Pushing boundaries 

“For me, it’s pushing boundaries. If a guy keeps trying to do or pressure me to do something I’ve said I’m uncomfortable with, even if it’s something that seems like ‘no big deal’, I’m out. Apart from the fact that it’s a clear sign of incompatibility, it also raises the question of whether I can trust that person to respect more serious boundaries.” — EchoInTheSilence

7. Smoking

“For me personally: smoke. Turns a perfect 10 into a 2 in one second.” — tac_flox

8. Acting apathetic

“Mostly disinterest and any kind of display of disinterest. Met plenty of people who come for a date and then act like they don’t want to be there for the rest of the evening, without actually trying to cut it short to make it obvious. Maybe it’s just my luck, and some people act this way when they’re awkward, but it doesn’t sit right with me. For me awkward means – nervous, not apathetic.” — 7heavenlyvirtues

9. Only talking about material things

“I went on a date with a guy who spent the whole time talking about what kind of fancy car he is going to buy soon and how expensive it is, because he’s doing so well at work making over 6 figures. He just did not stop talking about material things, and it was such a turn-off. He was also extremely upset when I told him later I didn’t want a second date.” — lefluffle

10. Inviting someone back to your place way too early

“Had a date with a guy who owned the sports bar we were at. He repeatedly suggested we ‘go to his office’ or try to go ‘someplace quieter’. Date only lasted a couple hours, and that was only because I got on the topic of dogs with one of his friends.” — Shazamanite

11. Freaking out over something unimportant

“Making a really big deal about something really small. Not only for the reason of it showing their personality, but that it shows you two have inherently different priorities.” — apathyontheeast

12. Chewing with your mouth open 

“Chewing with their mouth open.” — Tacosmoothie

13. Canceling at the last second

“Late and doesn’t tell you they’re going to be late until they’re actually late. That or cancels last minute and doesn’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with that. Both of which are signs of lack of respect, and I can do that to myself.” — no_talent_ass_clown 

14. Acting way too excited too early

“If they start talking about how excited they are to find someone like you because you’re so perfect and they’ve been waiting all their life to find someone they feel this connected to.” — Lisbethhh

15. Showing up drunk

“She drank half a bottle of wine on the drive over.” — theDocX2

16. Prying information out of the other person

“One that falls under the same line of exs is trying to pry information out of someone. I was out of a relationship and was trying to put myself out there. It was a nice date however he asked me ‘What’s a cute guy like you doing single?’ I kinda laughed it off and told him it was a long story and didn’t want to talk about it. Truth was my last ex was a pos and it ended really bad like cops involved really bad. Talking about it can open the flood gates and I didn’t want to unload on this guy.

The thing was he kept prying for information until I told him and by that time I was not feeling too great. There was no second date.” — ansteve1

17. Practicing poor hygiene 

“Any signs of poor hygiene. I don’t care how interesting you are or even how good you look, it cancels everything out immediately for me. I can’t imagine touching a person like that or what their living environment must look like.” — BlackStormBrewing

18. Trying to figure out how much money the other person makes

“1) Hinting at what my salary or financial status is, 2) Sizing me up and downright asking if I was/am a baby maker (I’m a guy).” — Headsup1958

19. Bragging about how you don’t get along with the same sex

“‘I don’t get along with other girls, all my friends are guys.’

Saying that as if it’s a really cool thing.” — ButDrIAmPagliacci

20. Being rude to waiters 

“Being rude to waitstaff or treating them like slaves.” — christopher1393

21. Acting overly jealous 

“Any sort of mention of not wanting me to talk to other girls anymore. If you’re that insecure that’s a problem.” — Snektacular

22. Bringing friends for a ‘group date’

“Bringing friends without telling me. She brought two friends and they talked and texted each other the whole time.” — leggythespider

23. Showing your nudes in person

“Showing me a picture of his penis… (why do you have a picture of your penis? Is this normal? Am I naive?)” — cali_pluviophile

24. Complaining about being single

“Talking about how people never sleep with you. A. Awkward conversation, B. Makes me wonder why, what don’t I know yet? C. Makes me think the only reason I’m here is for you to try and sleep with me.

Stop complaining about people not sleeping with you to someone you might someday sleep with. It’s super weird.” — Untouchable-joy

25. Stealing from the restaurant 

“I went on a date with a girl who stole the salt and pepper pots from the restaurant when we left after our meal.” — OrcenLeviathan Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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