15 Ways You Are Losing All Your Friends Without Even Realizing It

A girl with her friends
Unsplash / Blake Cheek

1. When someone points out how you hurt their feelings, you jump straight into defense mode instead of giving them a genuine apology.

2. When someone else is speaking, you spend the entire time waiting for them to finish so you can get a chance to talk — instead of actively listening to the words coming out of their mouth. 

3. When someone cancels plans because of a family emergency or calls you after midnight to cry about a breakup, you only care about how it inconveniences you instead of worrying about how they must be feeling. 

4. Since you think so poorly of yourself, you cancel plans with friends at the last second and ignore texts for days at a time, assuming the other person will be relieved when they are actually annoyed. 

5. When a friend begs you to tag along to a certain concert or movie because no one else will go with them, you lie about being busy because you only want to hang out with them when you’re doing something you both love. 

6. Whenever they come to you with their problems, you have to one-up them. No matter what they are upset about, you will make them feel like crap for complaining because you have it so much worse. 

7. You always let them drive. You always let them buy the liquor. You always let them do things for you. You never volunteer. 

8. You go months without contacting them. In the meantime, you don’t even like their selfies or send them happy holidays texts to let them know you’re thinking of them. 

9. You never keep your promises. You will drunkenly swear to take a road trip across the country with them or attend a wedding with them, but when the time comes, you will bail on the plan. 

10. You never make the effort to include them. When they comment on your snap stories about how much fun it looks like you’re having, you say things like, you should have come with us! But you never invited them in the first place. 

11. You keep choosing boys over them. Whenever a cute guy enters the picture, you will desert them, even though you were supposed to be spending the night together. 

12. Whenever you text, you have the same conversation over and over again. Nothing new is ever said. You only repeat yourselves. 

13. You over parent them. You keep questioning them about when they’re going to get a job and how much longer it’s going to take them to graduate. They feel like you are judging them — and they already get interrogated enough by their family. 

14. Instead of getting together and making new memories, you keep talking about the old memories because that’s all you have. 

15. You always complain about how you have no friends, because you don’t realize how much the people who are already in your life care about you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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