12 Signs You Are Going To Have EXTREMELY Bad Sex With Him

A couple ready to have sex
Unsplash / Ilya Yakover

1. He never initiates conversations. Every time you talk, you’re the one who sends the first text. The one who leads the conversation. The one who switches topics when the talk runs dry. He expects you to do all of the work — and it’s going to be the same in the bedroom.

2. He only cares about himself. He expects you to text him back right away, even though it takes him days to answer. He expects you to be available whenever he’s free, even though he never rearranges his schedule for you. And he is going to expect you to go down on him, even though he isn’t willing to return the favor.

3. He doesn’t pick up on your hints. He doesn’t realize when your tone changes or when you’re clearly pissed or when you’re lying about being fine. That means he probably isn’t going to pick up on whether you are actually enjoying sex or are having a horrible time.

4. He sucks at sexting. Whenever you sext, he makes you talk the entire time. All he does is ask questions. If there’s ever a time when he actually contributes, his ideas sound less than sexy. That means you two aren’t on the same page, because if he’s talking about doing something, he’s probably interested in doing that something.

5. He makes you feel self-conscious. If you’re worried about texting him twice and asking him to be your boyfriend, you’ll probably be worried about what he thinks of your naked body too. And if you’re insecure the entire time, the sex is going to suck. The best sex happens when you’re both feeling confident.

6. He is way too forward. When you first met, he was already putting his hands all over your waist and ass. He didn’t stay inside of his personal bubble at all. Unfortunately, that means he might be the type to push your head down and stick his finger in places without permission.

7. He is excessively impatient. Is he the kind to sit back and enjoy the moment? If not, then he’ll probably rush through foreplay and skip straight to sex, and that’s never a good sign.

8. He doesn’t listen to a word you say. Whenever you speak, you see him nodding, but you know he isn’t paying full attention. So when you tell him what feels good during sex, there’s a slim chance he’ll actually take your advice.

9. He is overly sensitive. He hates criticism. That means asking him to change positions or kiss you somewhere different might ruin the mood for him when it’s a completely rational thing to ask.

10. He constantly compares you to other girls. If he assumes every girl is the same, then he’s going to use the moves his ex loved and assume you’re going to love them, too. He won’t realize that everyone’s body works differently.

11. He drinks too much. If he is planning on getting completely wasted before climbing into bed with you, he’s probably going to get sloppy. Not to mention, if you go down on him, it’s going to taste disgusting.

12. He is a bad kisser. If there isn’t a spark between you during that first kiss (or at least the second) then you probably won’t be compatible in the bedroom. Pay attention to chemistry and sexual tension, because it’ll tell you everything you need to know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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