10 Ways I Am Working My Ass Off To Become A Better Person

A girl who is trying to become a better person
Unsplash / Chelsea Ferenando

1. I am being more honest about my feelings. Instead of pretending I’m perfectly fine, I give an authentic answer when someone asks me how I’ve been. I might not give them every detail about my personal life, but I won’t lie to them either. I won’t pretend I’m living my best life, because I have finally realized it’s okay to not be doing great. It’s okay to reach a low point.

2. I am treating myself with more kindness. I don’t call myself ugly anymore. I don’t stare at my flaws in the mirror anymore. I treat myself the way I would treat a loved one, because I don’t deserve to be criticized by anyone — especially myself.

3. I am finding new ways to regulate my anger. Whenever I’m pissed about how unfair the world is and how I don’t know whether I’ll make it until tomorrow, I read inspirational quotes. I go for a jog. I throw my fists against a punching bag. I’m trying to cope with my anger in new ways, so I’m not always yelling and hitting walls and reaching for more beer.

4. I am learning to live in the nowInstead of worrying about what might happen two days or two hours or two minutes from now, I am focusing on what is actually happening right now. I have stopped trying to predict the future.

5. I am taking better care of my body. I’m eating better. I’m drinking more water. I’m letting myself relax when I get overwhelmed with stress instead of forcing myself to get a certain amount done by the end of the day. I’m giving myself a chance to breathe for a change.

6. I am encouraging myself to socialize more. Instead of complaining about how I don’t have any friends and how I never have a reason to leave the house, I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I have joined groups. I have reached out to friends who I have lost touch with throughout the years. I have found people who think like me, even though I used to feel like I was all alone.

7. I am making sure I hear what others are saying. When someone talks, I actually listen instead of nodding along and trying to come up with a response in my head. I have switched the focus from myself onto them and it’s teaching me a lot.

8. I am giving more compliments. Instead of keeping my nicest comments to myself to avoid looking awkward, I compliment anyone who walks past. I like more Instagram photos. I comment on more statuses. I let everyone know what they mean to me, because I know what it feels like to be miserable, and I know how one comment could change someone’s entire mood.

9. I am remembering what I am thankful for. Instead of complaining about every little thing that goes wrong in my world, I try to remember all of the good things I have earned. All of the people who have loved me. All of the beauty I have seen.

10. I am finally asking for help instead of trying to survive on my own. I’m going to therapy. I’m going to support groups. I’m reading self-help books. I’m trying my hardest to put my life back on track. I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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