You Are Slowly Going To Heal Yourself

A girl healing herself
Unsplash / Rakicevic Nenad

You are going to heal from your heartbreaks. From the times when your relationships crashed and burned. From the times when your ‘lifelong’ friendships ended right in front of your eyes. From the times when you had to cut a family member out of your life for your own good.

You are going to realize how much easier your days are without their negativity around to sour your joy. You are going to see how much better you can do without them there to clip your wings. You are going to reach your full potential, even without them by your side.

You are going to heal from your failures. From your rejections. From your embarrassing and awkward moments. You are going to stop replaying them in your head when your insomnia keeps you awake. You are going to slowly forget the details you used to be able to see clearly whenever you closed your eyes. You are going to misremember stories you never thought you would erase from your mind’s eye.

One day soon, your river of tears will run dry. Your smile will reform. Your thoughts will spin from negative to positive. Your vision will refocus so you are able to see the beauty in the world and the beauty hidden within your marrow.

You are going to heal from your transgressions. You are going to stop being haunted by the ghosts of your mistakes. You are going to stop tearing yourself apart from the inside. Once you realize you are human and you are imperfect, not infallible, you will have an easier time letting go of the dark thoughts lingering inside of your mind.

You are going to heal from your cuts. From your scrapes. From your bruises. From your breaks. Your skin is slowly going to sew itself back together. Your heart is going to mend its broken pieces. You are going to be okay again. You are going to be yourself again.

Your body is capable of performing acts of magic. It will protect you. It will keep you shielded. It will keep your heart beating and your pulse thrumming, as long as you take care of it in return. As long as you treat yourself with the same kindness you give the strangers surrounding you.

You are going to heal from your pessimism. From your cynicism. You are going to stop thinking of the worst case scenarios and psyching yourself out. You are going to stop overanalyzing and causing yourself unneeded stress. You are going to stop hating yourself as your default setting. You are going to stop punishing the reflection in your mirror.

One day soon, your disappointment with the world is going to fade away. Your bitterness is going to be replaced with acceptance and forgiveness. Your low expectations will rise. Your faith will restore itself.

You will fully heal from old wounds. Your brokenness will become a thing of the past. You will feel whole again. You will love yourself again. You will thrive again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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