Stupidly Simple Ways She Told You She Liked You (That You Never Picked Up On)

A girl who likes a guy
Unsplash / Parker Whitson

She answered your texts as soon as she received them, even though she sometimes waited to press send. She came up with new topics to talk about when your conversation was dying so you wouldn’t stop texting her back. She stayed up past her bedtime, she lost out on sleep she needed, so she could read a few more messages from you.

She liked all of your photos on Instagram. She left comments about how cute (or how ridiculous) you looked. She sent the first text more times than you did. She added you on every form of social media to see your face as much as possible.

She spent too long doing her hair and makeup on the days when she knew she was going to see you. She made sure she looked her best whenever you were going to be around. She tried her hardest to impress you, to raise the sexual tension, to capture your attention.

She chose the seat closest to you. She let her arms and her thighs brush up against yours. She pressed her hand against yours to compare the sizes. She tickled you. She punched your arm. She hugged you for a few seconds too long. She found any excuse to touch you.

She teased you about stupid little things, like your laugh and your selfies and your clothing. She made sexual jokes but acted like she was being completely innocent. She spent forever bantering back and forth with you over the silliest things. She fought with you like an old married couple.

She complimented you on your cologne. She complimented you on your music taste. She complimented you on your new haircut. She found new ways to compliment you every single day. She made you feel like you were attractive, like you were wanted.

She laughed at all your jokes and she did her best to make you laugh back. She was her happiest whenever she was around you. She always wore a smile. She always tried to make your day at least a little bit better.

She remembered the little things you told her about yourself. She knew your favorite flavor of ice cream. She could list out your favorite bands. She made a point to keep all of the stories you told her locked inside her head, because when you spoke, she actually listened. She actually cared.

Whenever you mentioned another girl, she told you how you could do better. She made it clear she disapproved of the people you were seeing. She made her jealousy obvious.

She even asked you to come over. She hung out with you one-on-one. She spent time with you inside of empty rooms, where it was just the two of you. Where she could stare into your eyes for a little too long. Where she could touch you even more than usual. Where she could be more flirtatious than she was when other people were around.

She thought you would be able to tell what that meant. She thought she made her feelings obvious. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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