Stop Settling For Half Of His Heart When You’re Giving Him The Whole Thing

A girl who is settling
Unsplash / Erik Lucatero

Stop letting him call you a friend instead of a girlfriend when you are already having sex with him.

Stop letting him get away with drunken nights dancing with other girls because you aren’t officially together yet and he’s technically free to do whatever he wants.

Stop letting him go missing in action for three weeks and then walk back into your life as if he never left, as if nothing has changed between the two of you, because he knows that you weren’t with anyone else while he was gone. He knows that you were waiting for him.

Stop letting him treat you like a girlfriend without putting an actual label on your relationship. Stop letting him have higher standards for you, where he expects you to answer his texts within seconds and come over any time he calls and stay loyal when he isn’t willing to do the same.

Stop entering one-sided relationships with rules that only benefit the other person. Stop letting your emotions get in the way of your common sense. Stop blindly listening to your heart and ignoring your head.

Stop allowing him to give you half of his heart when you are already giving him your whole heart.

Stop giving him the freedom to run around, flirting with other girls and maybe even hooking up with them, without facing any consequences because you are scared of losing him.

Stop letting him get away with murder because you know if you spoke up, that would be the end of the relationship. He would accuse you of smothering him, of being overemotional and overattached.

Stop accepting less than you deserve because the person you’re interested in doesn’t want a relationship right now. 

Stop putting up with his bullshit because he is cute and funny and really sweet once you get to know him. There are hundreds of boys who are cute and funny and sweet all the time — not only when they want something from you, not only when they feel like treating you with respect that day.

Stop acting like you don’t have any other options. Stop acting like this guy is your soulmate. Stop acting like there isn’t anyone else on the planet who fits you the way that he does, because that’s bullshit and you know it.

You just don’t want to admit it because giving up on him would mean going back on the market, rejoining dating apps, and putting your heart on the line again for someone else. You don’t want to admit this guy is a waste of time because it’s easier to keep hoping that one day he will change, he will treat you better, he will decide to make your relationship official at last.

Stop waiting for him to change his mind, because you deserve someone who realizes they want to date you seconds after meeting you. Not someone who needs to be convinced. Not someone who has no idea how lucky he is until it’s almost gone.

Stop wasting your time with him, because you deserve someone who will lift you up, not someone who will walk all over you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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