Stop Blaming Yourself When You Don’t Get A Text Back

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Stop blaming yourself when they ignore your texts. When they ghost on you after weeks of flirting with you. When they decide they would rather enjoy the single life or pursue someone else than stick by your side.

It is not your fault when someone is unable to see your worth.

You did not do anything wrong, so stop overanalyzing. Stop wondering whether you should have been more forward or whether you should have held yourself back more. Stop questioning every little thing you have ever said to them. Stop assuming you messed up somewhere down the line. 

You do not deserve what you are going through. You do not deserve to be placed second, to be put on the back burner, to stay up late wondering what you mean to the person who means everything to you. 

You do not deserve this uncertainty, this unpredictability, this unhealthy relationship that has been bringing you more pain than pleasure.

Don’t let your heartbreak turn into self-hatred. Don’t let their decision to ignore you lead to self-doubt.

Stop looking in the mirror and trying to figure out what is wrong with you. Stop trying to come up with a rational reason why your person isn’t interested anymore.

Sometimes relationships don’t work out because of timing. Because of baggage. Because of family issues. Because of work conflict. Because the other person is an asshole who doesn’t appreciate what is right in front of their face.

It sucks when someone you thought wanted to be with you walks away instead, but that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. You are not too ugly for them. Or too boring. Too stupid. Too little. Too much. You are more than enough. You are deserving of love, even if it feels like it’s missing from your life at the moment.

So stop blaming yourself when they ignore your messages. Chances are, you didn’t say something stupid. You didn’t come on too strong. You didn’t text back too fast.

You aren’t the reason they didn’t answer. You might never learn the actual reason why — but do you really need to know?

You know enough. You know they aren’t good enough for you, because if they were, they would jump at the chance to talk to you. You know they aren’t the right one for you, even if it felt like they were for a little while.

Moving forward, stop blaming yourself for something out of your control. For someone else’s bullshit decisions. If they want to exclude you from their world, let them. Let them make the biggest mistake of their life, because they are missing out on more than you are.

Just remember, you don’t deserve what you are going through. You didn’t bring it on yourself. You didn’t do anything wrong. 

This person might not bother to send you a text back, but one day, you are going to find someone who will blow up your phone. Someone who won’t let a day go by without talking to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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