Sometimes Your Almost Boyfriend Will Come Back

A girl with her boyfriend
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Sometimes I’m not ready for a relationship right now is real. Sometimes I never meant to hurt you is the honest truth. Sometimes people enter your life at the wrong moment. Sometimes they have baggage they are unable to deal with at the time and stay single because jumping into a relationship would be unfair to your both.

Sometimes you have to wait longer for a relationship that you would have liked. Sometimes your heart has to get broken before it can be sewn back together.

Sometimes parting ways, even though you have strong feelings for each other, is what’s best for you. Sometimes you are supposed to grow without each other before you can grow as a team.

Sometimes your almost boyfriend will realize he made the biggest mistake of his life. Sometimes he will realize that you were the best thing that ever happened to him. Sometimes he will sit up at night, wondering where you are and what you are doing, kicking himself the entire time because he could have been with you if he didn’t mess it all up.

Sometimes your almost boyfriend will come to his senses and come back — but you cannot sit around waiting for his return. You have to live your own life. You have to date other boys, kiss other lips, pursue other options.

You cannot place your world on hold because there is a sliver of a chance the person you can’t stop thinking about will reappear. You cannot keep telling yourself that it’s only a matter of time until his return. You have to accept he is gone. You have to remind yourself he is not coming back, even when you have a feeling he eventually will.

No matter how much you want to try again, you can’t predict whether he will realize what he has lost in you. You have to learn to live without him. You have to go out with your friends, kill it with your career, and forget about him. You have to move on from him as best as you can. You have to learn to be happy on your own.

That way, if he comes back one day in the future, you will be able to decide if he is truly worth it. You will be able to make a decision based on your head and not only your heart. You will be able to choose what is right over what your impulses are pulling you to do.

Never get your hopes up, never set yourself up for disappointment, because sometimes your almost boyfriend will remain as an almost. Sometimes you won’t have a happy ending. Sometimes he won’t turn around and announce that he wants you as a girlfriend. Sometimes he will walk away and never look back, even though you were convinced he cared about you once upon a time.

But sometimes, sometimes, your almost boyfriend will come back and you will start the relationship that you wish you started years ago. Sometimes things will work out. Sometimes a second chance will lead to the best moments of your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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