She Tries So Hard To Take Care Of Other People, But She Never Takes Care Of Herself

A girl who takes care of everyone
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She will do anything for the people she loves, but when it comes to taking care of herself, she does the minimum amount.

She goes out of her way to cheer her friends up when they are sad, gives them advice when they need to hear her voice, and picks them up when they’re too drunk to drive, but it never crosses her mind to treat herself with the same kind of love.

At any given time, she is filled with an insane amount of stress, because she agrees to everything that is asked of her. Instead of saying no, instead of taking a break, she goes out of her way to help anyone who needs her. She puts their happiness before her own.

She would never inconvenience anyone else, but she inconveniences herself every damn day.

It doesn’t matter if she is going to miss out on sleep or become late for work, because she would drop everything for the people she cares about.

That is why she hates when friends and family talk badly about themselves. She hates when their insecurities get the best of them, because she doesn’t understand how they could hate themselves. She wishes they would open their eyes and see what she sees. Someone beautiful. Intelligent. Talented. Successful.

Despite her rose colored glasses when it comes to everyone else, she struggles to see the beauty in herself. She doesn’t realize what she deserves.

She thinks her time is better used on someone else, because she feels like they deserve happiness more than she does. That is why she would never ask her friends for their help or burden them with her problems, even though they always do the same to her.

She would feel weird spilling her heart out to them. So she keeps her feelings to herself, even if it hurts her. She lies about being fine. She acts like she is completely put together.

She tries so hard to take care of other people, because she has a soft heart, but it is more than that. It is also because she fails to see her own worth.

It’s easier for her to focus on the problems of strangers than to examine her own. It’s a way for her to escape. A way for her to forget about what she is personally going through.

She puts other people before herself because she doesn’t care about herself as much as she should. She has never learned to look in the mirror and like what she sees. She has never learned to enjoy the quiet. She prefers being surrounded by people and fixing things for them. It helps her forget about what is broken inside of her.

She tries her hardest to take care of other people, but one day she will realize that the first person she should help is herself. She should be there for herself. She should care for herself. She should love herself.

She should stop being so selfless and make sure the girl in the mirror is doing okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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