It’s Brave To Keep Searching For Your Forever Person After You’ve Already Been Hurt

A girl searching for her forever person
Unsplash / Kalisa Veer

It’s brave to put yourself out there. To wear your heart on your sleeve when you know it would be safer to cram it back into your chest, away from anyone who could snap it in two.

It’s brave to flirt with someone, to text back and forth with them, and to meet up for coffee when you know there is a chance they are going to disappoint you. When you have no idea whether the budding relationship will end in fire and flames.

It’s brave to take a risk in love when it would be so much easier to lock yourself inside your bedroom and lock your heart inside your ribcage.

You could easily choose to turn down dates. You could push others away as soon as they come too close. You could tell yourself you are better off alone, you are more comfortable this way, you can’t handle another heartache.

But you’re not doing any of that. You are choosing love. You are choosing romance. You are choosing to have faith that your next relationship will end up nothing like the last.

It’s brave to let someone new into your world when the last person left you broken. It’s brave to put your past in your past instead of allowing it to poison your future.

It’s brave to drop your baggage behind you, to hug your fears goodbye, to push away all of the insecurities your exes have given you. It’s brave to find a way to keep moving forward, to keep searching for authentic love, when you have so many reasons to give up hope.

It’s brave to open your arms to someone new instead of claiming that your last relationship messed you up beyond repair. It’s brave to take the mature route and move on from your old flames instead of holding on tightly to people who are already gone.

It’s brave to hand someone your fragile heart, even though you aren’t sure what they are going to do with it. Even though they could take advantage of your kindness. Even though they could make you regret meeting them in the first place.

It’s brave to follow your feelings, so you should never let anyone make you feel bad about it. You should never blame yourself when you give everything to someone who gives you nothing in return. You should never call yourself stupid for blindly believing in romance. You should never fault yourself for trying.

You are braver than most people, because most people let their skepticism rule. Most people let their self-doubt hold them in place. Most people miss out on the chance to grow closer to someone great because they are too busy thinking about how things might fall apart. Most people aren’t as courageous as you are. Most people aren’t as hopeful.

It’s brave to keep searching for your forever person after you have already been hurt before, but they are out there. They are going to stumble into your universe eventually. And when they do, you will be ready to accept their love. You will be ready to begin your forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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