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7 Signs You Are Not In Love With Him, You Are Obsession vs. Love With Him

There is a difference between loving him so much that you can’t stop thinking about him and obsessing over him so much that every single thing you do in life revolves around him. You have to be careful not to cross the line, because obsessive relationships are toxic relationships.

1. You are constantly waiting for a text back. Even when you’re getting dinner with your friends and should be paying attention to them, you keep your phone on the table and keep glancing over at it to see if he has texted you back. And the second he does, you ignore everything your friends are saying so you can write him back. Whenever you aren’t together, you wish you were together, because everyone else sucks compared to him. 

2. You cannot function when you’re apart from him. You are only happy when you are together. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen him in a week or in an hour, because the second he leaves the room, you start moping. You never smile unless he is the cause of it. You haven’t been able to find happiness on your own after he entered your life, because he became your everything. 

3. You are slowly acting more and more like him. You’ve stopped listening to your favorite music because you would rather listen to his favorite music, even when he is not around. And you always let him pick the movie, because you’ll like anything he likes. Your taste has changed drastically ever since you met him, because you now love everything that he loves. 

4. You need to know what he is doing at all times. Whenever you are apart from him, you send a million texts asking him what he is doing. Nothing much is not an acceptable answer. You want to know what is happening in detail. You want him to tell you every single thing that he ate and every single person that he spoke to that day. You don’t want him to leave anything out. 

5. Your social media is overflowing with pictures of him. You never posts selfies anymore. You never post pictures of your parents or your dog or the flowers outside your house. You only post pictures of him holding your hand and kissing your lips and lifting you into his arms. You could scroll back for months and you wouldn’t find anything other than his face.

6. Every conversation goes back to being about him. It doesn’t matter what you were talking to your friends about earlier, because you always find a way to weave the topic back to him. If they mention a new show they’re watching, you’ll end up talking about another show he told you about. If they complain about their career, you’ll end up telling them about how work is going for him. You’ll talk about him more than you talk about yourself. 

7. You are thinking way too far into the future. Instead of thinking about where you are going to go on your second date, you’re already scanning through wedding sites and daydreaming about what kind of wedding you are going to have. You are getting ahead of yourself. You’re thinking about milestone moments when you haven’t even had your first kiss yet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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