17 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Staying Faithful (Because He Wouldn’t Even Micro-Cheat)

1. Whenever a girl starts to get a little flirtatious with him, he finds a way to work your name into the conversation so she knows he isn’t on the market.

2. He deletes his Tinder, Bumble, and whatever other dating apps he created accounts for before he met you.

3. He deletes his old booty calls and toxic exes from his phone, because there’s no reason to keep in contact with them anymore. He doesn’t need them as backup plans anymore.

4. He also deletes those old booty calls and toxic exes from Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

5. He never removes the ring you gave him, because he wants everyone to know that he is planning on staying with you forever.

6. He moves himself away when another girl is being overly touchy with him — or he verbally asks her to stop because he feels uncomfortable.

7. He never freaks out when his phone lights up in front of you, because he isn’t texting back and forth with someone you would get pissed about or hiding anyone under a fake name. You could scroll through all his texts and emails (with permission) and he wouldn’t care because he has nothing to hide.

8. He only uses heart and wink emojis when he’s texting you. Otherwise, none of his texts could be mistaken for flirtatious.

9. Instead of resorting to porn when he is in the mood, his first instinct is to sext with you or initiate sex with you, because he prefers your body to any girl on the internet.

10. He has given you his email passwords and a key to his apartment. He’s an open book when it comes to you, which means he probably doesn’t have anything to hide.

11. He might take a glance at your pretty waitress, but he would never ogle her or flirt with her in front of you, because you’re far more beautiful in his eyes.

12. He never keeps a secret from you, no matter how small, which is why you’re positive he would never dream of cheating. You two tell each other everything, no exceptions.

13. He has female friends, but he sets clear boundaries with them. There is never any hand holding or lingering hugs or whatever you two have specifically agreed counts as crossing the line.

14. You have dated assholes before. You know what they look like. But you have a gut feeling that this guy is never going to screw you over. Your instincts are telling you to trust him.

15. He compliments you on a daily basis — but you never hear him give such touching, thoughtful, sensual compliments to other women. The special ones are reserved for you.

16. He never puts himself in situations where he is tempted to cheat, because you are more than enough for him and he would never want to ruin what you have.

17. He has good morals, prides himself on his honesty, and surrounds himself with loyal friends. Everything about him screams faithfulThought Catalog Logo Mark

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