This Is The Way Girls With Soft Hearts Pick Their Person

A girl with a soft heart
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Girls with soft hearts are looking for relationships with depth. They want someone who they can fall asleep with on the couch before nine on lazy nights — and someone they can stay up with until two in the morning talking to about random bullshit on drunken nights. They want someone who will take them on spontaneous adventurous — and someone who will make an adventure out of the most mundane things, like pushing a cart through a local Walmart or folding laundry in the basement.

Girls with soft hearts want more than a boyfriend. They want a best friend. They want someone who will give them a reason to smile when their world is falling apart. They want someone who can make them laugh through the tears. They want someone who shares inside jokes and has a loud laugh and talks to their pets in an embarrassing baby voice. They want someone who they can enjoy life alongside. Someone who reminds them there is good in this world.

Girls with soft hearts are looking for someone who will give them the same amount as they receive, someone who will keep the relationship balanced. They want someone who will say thank you instead of mindlessly taking from them until they have nothing left. They want someone who will actually be appreciative of everything they do — because when they care about someone, they do a lot.

Girls with soft hearts will pick a person who gives out affection freely. Someone who will grab their hand in a darkened movie theater and kiss them on the lips in the middle of an audience. They don’t want to convince someone why they are worthy of attention. They don’t want to pull the truth out of someone. They want someone who will spill feelings, who will follow desires, who will chase passions.

Girls with soft hearts are only interested in authentic love. Not the kind of love that involves midnight arguments and unspoken words. Not the kind of love that involves unkind looks and hidden resentments. Not the counterfeit kind of love masquerading as passion. They want the kind of love that poets write about. The kind of love that music is made of. The kind that they have been daydreaming about since they were a child.

Girls with soft hearts have high standards and even higher expectations. They are looking for the real deal. They aren’t interested in one night stands or fuck buddies or friends with benefits — and the only times they end up in almost relationships are when they are being strung along, when they are secretly hoping for more. They aren’t into casual encounters. They want a lifelong love. They want something eternal.

Girls with soft hearts are picky about the kind of people they keep in their life — so if you are lucky enough to be loved by someone like that, never take it for granted. Never forget how fortunate you are to have them in your world. TC mark

The truth is that you can be struggling and still be loved.

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