The Strongest Girls Are The Ones Who Had Shitty Childhoods

A strong girl with a rough childhood
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Daria Shevtsova

The strongest girls are the ones who come from broken homes. From divorced parents. From alcoholics and addicts. From highly dysfunctional families. From hellholes they have been trying to escape their entire life.

The strongest girls never really had a childhood because they had to learn to grow up fast. They had to mature early. They had to take care of themselves before they were ready.

The strongest girls already know how strong they are because they have been through hell. They have seen nasty fights. Tears. Beer cans. Police cruisers. They have experienced a lifetime’s worth of bullshit in a short amount of time.

There were moments when they threatened to crumble, when they assumed that there was no way for them to crawl out of the hole that their genetics dug for them, but they overcame those dark thoughts. They learned that they are not the same as the people surrounding them. They are their own person and they can make their own decisions.

The strongest girls realize that they are not destined to stay in the hometown they grew up in because they deserve more than that. They are the girls who realize they are not fated to follow in their parents’ footsteps. They are not destined for disaster. There are big things ahead of them.

The strongest girls know that they are in control of their own future. They can make something of themselves, even if they are the first in their family to accomplish such a thing. They know they have what it takes to succeed, even if they don’t have a dollar to their name. Even if they don’t have anyone encouraging them to chase their dreams. Even if everyone is telling them they are going to fail.

The strongest girls know what real pain feels like. They know what it’s like to be broken inside. They know what it’s like to be betrayed by someone they trusted. They know what it’s like to cut someone out of their life that they loved because it was what was best for them.

The strongest girls have had to make tough decisions. They have had to make difficult choices. They have had to fight to leave their baggage behind. They have had to erase the idea from their head that they aren’t good enough, that they don’t have what it takes, that they are going to end up just like the rest of their fucked up family.

The strongest girls have learned from their crappy childhoods. They have learned that their past does not dictate their future. They have learned that they don’t have to keep living the way they used to live when they were young. They have learned that they are able to shape their own future, they are able to make their own choices, they are able to make a beautiful life for themselves. They have learned that they are strong enough to survive on their own — and they don’t need anyone to help them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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