When You Love Someone, You Never Stop Putting In Effort

Man who never stops putting in effort
Pexels / Daria Shevtsova

When you love someone, you don’t let the romance fade away. You don’t treat them like your princess during the puppy love stage and then neglect them once they are yours to keep. You don’t take them for granted. You don’t forget how lucky you are to have them.

When you love someone, you should put in effort every single day. Sometimes, that means doing little things, like washing the dishes when it’s their turn because they are running late for work and won’t have time to get everything done before they leave.

Sometimes, effort means wearing the sweater they bought you for your birthday, even though you aren’t the biggest fan of the color.

Sometimes, effort means texting them before you pull into the drive-thru for fast food, so that you can bring home a meal for them, too.

Sometimes, effort means laughing at their father’s jokes even when they aren’t funny to make a good impression.

Sometimes, effort means picking a movie you know they would like instead of picking the one you would prefer.

Sometimes, effort means giving them a detailed compliment on their new haircut or outfit so they know you aren’t just saying you like it to flatter them.

Sometimes, effort means holding their bag or slinging their jacket over your shoulder so their hands are free.

Sometimes, effort means texting back within a certain amount of time so they don’t grow worried about where you are or how you are.

Sometimes, effort means spending a little more at the grocery store so you can buy them their favorite brand of cereal and shampoo.

Sometimes, effort means calling them over the phone instead of texting because you haven’t heard each other’s voices in a while.

Sometimes, effort means uploading a photo of them to your social media to remind them how proud you are to be dating them.

Sometimes, effort means going down on them until your neck cramps because it is taking them a little longer than usual to get off, but you know they would suffer through a tired jaw for you so you power through.

Sometimes, effort means planning a weekend getaway so that your person doesn’t have to lift a finger for a change.

Sometimes, effort means resisting the urge to watch a certain TV show without them on the nights they go to bed early, because you know that they would be upset if you watched ahead.

Sometimes, effort means driving for miles to visit their parents or go to some special event that you don’t even want to attend, because you know it would make them happy.

Sometimes, effort means saying, “I love you.”

Sometimes, effort means placing a kiss on their cheek when you come home from work and squeezing their hand while grocery shopping and blasting their favorite song in the car.

Sometimes, effort involves the small things, the things that take two seconds to do. But sometimes, the small things matter the most. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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