This Is How You’ll Finally Lose The Girl Who Stayed Longer Than She Should Have

Guy about to lose the girl
Unsplash / Allie Milot

You’ll see her name pop onto your phone screen and toss it to the side to answer later. You’ll eventually read the page-long text she sent and reply with one word. You’ll casually mention how you should hang out Saturday but never give her an actual time. Then you’ll find out that your friends are free to get drunk over the weekend and bail on plans with her at the last second. You’ll keep her waiting. You’ll keep her questioning.

And, unlike all the other girls you’ve messed around with in the past, she won’t walk away when you treat her like a backup plan. She won’t say screw you and look for someone who meets her standards. She will keep chasing after you, keep hoping that you will change, keep believing that you will grow to care about her the way she has always cared about you.

When her friends tell her she’s wasting her time, she’ll make excuses about how you’re busy and stressed and just came out of a bad relationship. She will convince herself that staying is the right move, that it might hurt in the moment but it will pay off in the end.

She will take your mixed signals as positives instead of negatives. She will be happy that you said you missed her instead of annoyed that you aren’t doing anything to make time for her. She will be happy you like her instead of annoyed that you don’t like her enough.

You’ll quickly realize how badly she wants to date you, but you won’t let that stop you from leading her on.

Instead, you’ll push your luck. You’ll treat her even worse. You’ll swipe through dating apps and hook up with random girls behind her back. Then you’ll lie to her face about how you haven’t been talking to any other girls except her. You’ll bet she doesn’t believe your bullshit, but either way, it won’t matter because she isn’t going anywhere.

At least, that’s what you think. That’s where you make your mistake. You’ll assume you can do anything you want to her, for as long as you want, and she will continue waiting. She will continue playing nice. She will continue throwing affection at you and getting nothing in return.

You don’t realize that she only stayed for so long, because she really likes you. Because she thought she could create a real relationship with you.

She is kind, she is patient, but she isn’t an idiot. One day, she is going to give up on you. She is going to realize that she has been wasting her time on the wrong guy. And she is going to walk away.

Once that happens, you’ll be the one having your texts ignored. You’ll be the one waiting for her name to pop up on your phone. You’ll be the one checking up on her social media, only to realize that she has deleted you as a friend.

In the end, you’ll hate yourself for pushing such a good girl away. Meanwhile, she’ll be happy she dodged a bullet by saying goodbye to someone like you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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