The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Girl Who Gets Excited Over The Little Things

Girl who gets excited over the little things
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Date the girl who gets excited over the little things. The girl who is thrilled when you come home with her favorite candy bar or when you play her favorite song in your car, because it means you were thinking of her. It means she was in the front of your mind. It means she matters to you.

She isn’t the kind of girl who is impressed by money or material items. She couldn’t care less about the price tag on your presents. She doesn’t expect you to buy her a brand new car or designer bag or diamond jewelry.

She would rather have something sentimental. A book of movie stubs from old dates that you’ve saved. A playlist containing her favorite songs. A copy of her favorite book as a child. She would rather receive a gift that shows you’ve been paying attention to what she has been saying than a gift that shows you’ve been bringing home a huge paycheck. She truly believes it’s the thought that counts. 

Date the girl who is excited over the little things, because she will make you feel alive. She will always have news to share, whether it’s about how or how her boss complimented her at work or how finally beat the hardest level in a video game. With her, every single day is a cause for celebration. With her, there is always something to smile about.

She will remind you there are more good things in life than bad. She will remind you to appreciate the small things, the things most people overlook because they are too busy focusing on what’s going wrong in their world.

Date the girl who gets excited over the little things, because she is passionate. She is interesting to hear talk. Every story she tells will keep you captivated, even if she is talking about something as simple as her trip to the dentist, because she makes the dullest things sound exciting. She finds the humor in every moment of life.

Date the girl who gets excited over the little things because she pays attention to the little things. She will notice when you stare at something in the store for extra long and will buy it for you. She will hear when the tone of your voice changes and know something must be bothering you. She will come close to reading your mind.

Date the girl who gets excited over the little things because in a real relationship, a relationship that last longer than the puppy love stage, the magic is going to wear off. You can’t go on an adventure every single day.

But when she’s around, you will have fun even when you’re walking down grocery store aisles, even when you’re sitting in a waiting room, even when you’re relaxing on the couch the entire day. With her, you will realize that the little things actually mean the most. The little things are what can make a relationship collapse or last. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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