Stay Single Until You Can Give Her What She Deserves

Man who is staying single
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If you aren’t done playing the field, if you still need to get the wild side out of your system, then stay single. Don’t break an innocent girl’s heart. Don’t make her think that you are going to settle down with her when you are secretly itching to explore your other options.

Stay single until you are ready to commit. Until you are ready to hand your heart over to one girl. One girl who makes you feel at peace. One girl who makes you feel like you are important. One girl who makes you think of home as a person instead of a place.

Stay single until you have grown into someone you can say you are proud of. Someone with inner strength and intelligence. Someone who shows up on time. Someone who means what he says. Someone who keeps every promise. Someone who always tells the truth.

Stay single until you are confident that you will stay loyal, no matter how many other bodies throw themselves at you. Until you are ready to delete all of your dating apps from your phone. Until you are ready to say goodbye to your friendships with your exes. Until you are ready to save all of your intimacy for the girl waiting for you at home.

Stay single until you are able to balance your friends, your career, and your love life in a healthy way. Until you have enough time in your schedule to spend with the person who means the most to you so she never feels neglected. Until you are able to give her the quality time that she deserves instead of blowing her off each week for a new reason.

Stay single until you are mature enough to handle an adult relationship. Until you learn how to handle your negative emotions and will not blow up at the first sign of anger. Until you are comfortable acting vulnerable, expressing your sadness, crying in front of others. Until you believe that you are in a healthy state of mind that can handle all of the responsibilities that come along with a relationship.

Stay single until you stop being so afraid of commitment. Until the thought of picking out a ring and getting down on one knee stops being something scary and starts being something that makes you smile, something that you are actually looking forward to doing one day.

Stay single until you find someone who makes you feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Someone who you could never imagine hurting. Someone who you believe you could spend a lifetime alongside without ever getting bored.

Stay single until you can give her what she deserves. Until you are prepared to share everything you have with her. Until you can call yourself a good boyfriend, someone who will never let her down, someone who will be her forever.

Stay single until you are ready to treat her the way she deserves, because she doesn’t need another broken heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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