This Is What It Feels Like To Have Sex With Your Forever Person

Girl sleeping with her forever person
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You feel at ease. There isn’t a nagging in the back of your mind, warning you to suck in your stomach so you look thinner. There isn’t a blossoming insecurity turning your cheeks red, reminding you that your body is imperfect and your person must notice that even if they are too impolite to mention it.

When you have sex with your forever person, you feel beautiful. You feel powerful. You feel like you are more than enough.

You don’t feel the need to flick the lights off before removing your shirt. You don’t have to wait until sundown to unlatch your bra. You are comfortable having sex in broad daylight. You are comfortable letting your person see every angle.

When you are with them, you are entirely in the moment. You aren’t stuck in your head. You are enjoying every kiss, every lick, every bite, every touch.

When you have sex with your forever person, you have an easier time orgasming. Your person knows your body as well as they know their own. They have learned exactly where to squeeze you, where to kiss you, what to whisper, and what to moan to turn you on. They have your pleasure points memorized.

Because of how well you have mapped out each other’s bodies, sex is never a chore. You initiate as often as they initiate. You want it as badly as they want it.

When you have sex with your forever person, you never feel like you are being used. You never have to question whether your person is going to stay until morning or leave as soon as they get what they want. You know that they have real feelings for you. You know that the sex is only a bonus.

When you are around your forever person, you get turned on physically and emotionally. You find pieces of their body sexy, but you also find their mind sexy. The way that they enunciate. The way they lick their lips. The way that they glance over at you. The way they smirk. You are in the mood for sex more often than usual, because every little thing they do makes you want them even more.

When you have sex with your forever person, you are just as excited to give as you are to receive. All you want is for them to be happy. Seeing them moan beneath you is the best feeling in the world. You are never selfish with them, because you want them to experience as much bliss as you do.

When you have sex with your forever person, it feels different from all of the times you have slept with people in the past. This time, you look each other in the eyes. You kiss each other on the lips. You can tell by the look on their face that they are deeply in love with you — and you feel the same.

When you have sex with your forever person, you are reminded of how compatible you are, of how perfect you are together. Of how badly you want to spend the rest of your lives together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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