These 30 Films Contained Such Disturbing Scenes That They Fucked Viewers Up For Life

Warning: These film suggestions from Ask Reddit will fuck with your head.
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1. American Beauty

“Saw it a couple years back for the second time, and it was goddamn eerie to be seeing it from the parents’ perspective now, rather than the daughter’s. Like it was so much heavier seeing it at 40.” — 2boredtocare

2. Room

“Oh fuck, this. The first whole first half of that film left me uncomfortable. Imagine being locked in that space for 7 years.” — Maffers

3. Enter The Void

“I watched this movie on a small screen laptop with a friend, we sat through just over an hour, when we had to go grab some food, so we paused and walked a few block. That was the strangest sober walk I’ve ever experienced, the movie had warped my perspective or something, I was seeing my own POV but was so used to the movie’s version that the two were like blended together, like the movie didn’t really stop and my walk to the store was just another scene. Crazy film…” — abenevolentgod

4. Hostel

“I was a horror movie buff at the time, but that film left me so uneasy. I couldn’t even watch certain parts of it, I covered my face with my hands and just waited for the awful noises to stop.

SPOILERS: The part when the guy gets his ankles sliced still makes me wince, even when just thinking about it. Oh and when the girl sees her reflection and her missing eye and jumps in front of a train.

Ugh.” — Aruu

5. Last House On The Left

“The newer version. I watched that unexpected rape scene and it just fucked with me.” — duodenumactingup

6. The Green Mile

“SPOILERS: The worst part was when that douchebag ‘forgot’ to wet the sponge… ugh.” — tron-bonne

7. Requiem For A Dream

“I was on the last part of a meth binge and my rent was almost two weeks late, my dishes were piling to the ceiling, the house was a wreck, my power had been shut off, and my wife had left me to go back to her home state, and then I watched this movie (using an extension cord to my TV/VCR from the neighbor). Lowest I’ve ever felt in my life. No bueno.

-clean for 13 years now, college degree, I live in a different state, amazing wife and 2 beautiful little boys, life does get better.” — techsconvict

8. The Ring

“I was 6 years old when it came out. I would be in tears anytime the tv static would start.”  — dorathadestroya

9. Schindler’s List

“My entire history class just sat there sobbing. Even the big, tough teacher was a mess and he’d seen it numerous times.” — -happyrocker-

10. Grave Of The Fireflies

“It’s a phenomenal antiwar movie. Had me thinking for a solid month after I saw it.” — Titronnica

11. IT

“I don’t think I’d be able to stomach watching the new one. Just catching a glimpse of the trailer really freaks me out. I actually had a nightmare about it the other night.” — bumblemumblenumble

12. The Fourth Kind

“I know that all of it is fake, but when I was younger I started being deathly afraid of being alone in the dark. I was not able to sleep well for a long time, because I was afraid that I could be visited and abducted by aliens in the night.” — Vraecla

13. American History X

“I haven’t seen it and people talking about the scenes makes me wince just from my imagination.” — zeppelinfromled2

14. A Clockwork Orange

“I watched it WAY too young. I remember being nauseous and losing all colour in my face. I made it to the scene where they break into the couple’s house. Ever since then I have a hard time not being traumatized when I hear ‘Singing in the Rain.'” — MsQcontinuum

15. Fire In The Sky

“Saw it as a kid and been terrified of aliens since. But it also sparked a huge interest in aliens and astronomy!” — Foolishpuck80

16. Se7en

“SPOILERS: The first time I saw it I was around 10yrs old, and my mind just immediately assumed it was the fetus of the detectives unborn child. Thereby revealing the death of his wife and unborn child, but also revealing that she was pregnant.

That really messed with me. Some reason, years later when I watched it again and realized it was his wife’s head, it was almost a relief.” — LWrayBay

17. The Road

“That stuck with me for days. Even more upsetting now that I am a parent.” — Roozer23 

18. Prisoners

“As a dad of young children, that movie was so emotionally exhausting. Jake Gyllenhaal’s character driving all woozy to the hospital at the end had me crying with stress. Really good movie though. My wife gave it 10/10, said she hated it and would never watch it again.” — 80cent 

19. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

“I’ve been in classes where we watched ‘Boy In the Striped Pajamas’ and ‘Pay It Forward.’ Both times everyone just walked out of the room shell shocked and bummed out for quite a while.” — Khalizabeth

20. The Truman Show

“Experienced Truman show syndrome for a little while after I saw it.” — ellosmello

21. Trainspotting

“Specifically the part where the baby is crawling on the ceiling. Went to see it in the theater with a group of friends when it came out and for some reason that scene sent me in to a weird panic and really stuck with me. Haven’t watched the movie since.”  — buffalostance

22. Watership Down

“I have no idea why they made that book into a cartoon movie for children. As they were making it, didn’t they realize it was inappropriate for kids? But they marketed it towards children not adults so clearly that was their target audience.

That movie is messed up… I need to re-watch it.” — MrsPoldark

23. Kids

“Horribly disturbing to see these tweens spreading HIV.” — Aninfluentialvoice

24. Full Metal Jacket

“Full Metal Jacket, especially with the boot camp intro and the scene in the bathroom.” — Emperor_Waffle 

25. Funny Games

“The fucked up part was there was no actual violence shown onscreen and it was so fucked up, proving you don’t need onscreen violence to be disturbing.” — DontOpenTilXmas

26. The VVitch

“Watched it alone with my dog, at night, in my cabin in the middle of the woods. The movie ends and my dog almost immediately begins barking madly at something outside. That night I slept armed awaiting the impending doom lurking out in my yard.” — Early_Grace

27. Dear Zachary

“I don’t have the balls to watch this movie. My friends have seen it, and they were fucking devastated. There are certain roads I just don’t go down anymore. I can’t watch any documentary dealing with child, elderly, or animal abuse. Even fiction involving those themes is hard for me.” — revdom666

28. Coraline

“Yeah I don’t think that should be a kid’s movie. I think it’s creepy AF.” — and_you_were_there

29. We Need To Talk About Kevin

“I felt extreme discomfort watching that movie. I felt pain and horror and sadness, too.

And I kept feeling those emotions for about 3 weeks after watching it. It just kept popping in my head, reminding me that there are dangerous, sick people in this world and they are someone’s beloved child, neighbor, SO, etc…” — SpookyChemist

30. The Good Son

“Seeing Macaulay Culkin, cute little Kevin McCallister, acting like a sociopath and saying things like, ‘Don’t fuck with me’ gave me a brief existential crisis.” — CrimsonPig Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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