Date Someone Who Is Willing To Wait Forever For You

A boy willing to wait forever
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Date someone who is willing to wait for you to tear down your walls. Someone who understands that you have spent a lifetime protecting your heart by pushing people away. Someone who understands that you aren’t going to be able to fully let them into your world right away, no questions asked, because you have been hurt before and want to avoid making the same mistakes you made in the past. Someone who understands that it might be a while until you can say that you trust them to stay faithful and to never leave your side, because in your experience, most people aren’t meant to be trusted.

Date someone who is willing to wait for you to say I love you. Someone who doesn’t get offended when you can’t repeat the words back to them right away, because they realize that it is a huge step for you. They realize that you don’t throw the term around needlessly. They realize that, to you, those words carry a lot of weight, so you are going to wait until you really mean them to say them. You are going to wait until the timing feels right. And that might take a while.

Date someone who is willing to wait to have sex with you if that is what you really want. Someone who won’t pressure you into slipping beneath the covers when you aren’t ready for that yet. Someone who wants you to be completely comfortable with them so that your first night together is perfect. Someone who believes that your relationship is about more than just sex, which is why it is okay if you want to wait a while to sleep with them. It is okay if you need a little more time.

Date someone who is willing to let you move at your own pace all throughout the relationship. Someone who won’t freak out if you want to wait a few more months to move in together or a few more years to get married. Someone who isn’t annoyed that you want to take things slow, because they think it is better for you to be sure about them than for you to jump headfirst into something that you are unsure about.

Date someone who stays patient with you. Who doesn’t try to rush you by making you feel guilty, by making you feel like a bad boyfriend or girlfriend. Someone who is okay with moving at a slow pace, even when they are dying to kiss you and touch you and get down on one knee to propose to you.

Date someone who is always willing to wait for you — whether you are in the bathroom taking too long getting ready for a date or are a few minutes late for dinner because you left at a bad time or are stuck in traffic on your way home from work.

Date someone who is willing to wait as long as it takes to be with you. Someone who only wants you and doesn’t care how long until that happens. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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