12 Signs That Your Sex Life Is Fucking Perfect

Guy with a perfect sex life
Unsplash / Christopher Campbell

1. You feel sexy when you’re with them. Even though you’ve had your fair share of self-esteem issues in the past, whenever you’re with them, you feel sexy as fuck. Like you’re the hottest person on the planet. The way they look at you convinces you that you have always secretly been attractive and never realized it.

2. You both initiate sex. Sex never feels like a chore. It’s not something that you plan or put off for weeks. It happens spontaneously, sometimes when you initiate it and sometimes when your person initiates it. Sometimes you don’t even realize who initiated, because it’s a mutual idea. You both want it just as badly.

3. You are completely comfortable with each other. You never stop them from touching you because you want to shower first or turn the lights off first or lose ten pounds first. They have seen your body before. They are used to the way you look. You aren’t afraid to let them see it again.

4. You both get orgasms out of it. You’re not stuck giving without ever receiving anything in return. You both put effort into bedroom activities. You both go down on each other. You both make each other orgasm.

5. You actually talk to each other about what you want. You don’t secretly hate the way they nibble your ear. When you like something, you tell them. When you hate something, you tell them. You are open with each other, which is why you know each other’s bodies so well by now.

6. You are hornier than you’ve ever been. The sex has been better than usual, so you’re in the mood for it more than usual.

7. You never get bored. You don’t let things get repetitive. You will wear lingerie. Buy toys. Use new positions. Have sex in new places. If one of you has a fantasy, the other one will keep an open mind about it.

8. You masturbate to your past. When you touch yourself, you’re not thinking about some other person or some unobtainable fantasy. You’re thinking about the last time you had sex.

9. You live in the moment. During sex, you aren’t staring at the clock and counting down the minutes until it ends. You aren’t rushing to get it over with because you have a million other things you need to take care of. You are enjoying yourself, enjoying the moment.

10. You aren’t embarrassed about anything. You could clash teeth. You could sniffle. You could drool. You could say something stupid during dirty talk. And it wouldn’t be a big deal. You would just laugh it off.

11. You are happy in other aspects of your relationship. Sex isn’t the only time you enjoy your person’s company. Your relationship is going really well. You make each other laugh and you make each other orgasm.

12. Overall, you are satisfied. When it comes to your sex life, you have no complaints. You’re sleeping with the love of your life — and you’re enjoying every damn second of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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